Gironde: an old Cenon retirement home "requisitioned" to house families on the street


There is no no running water, no heating, no electricity, but for Valbona and his daughter Almeida, the installation in a former Ehpad in Cenon is already a progress.Because with the fall of the temperatures and the bad weather of the last days, to sleep under the tent was becoming more and more critical for this family who arrived from Albania a year ago.

A few days ago, with the help of an association collective, like Valbona and her daughter, some fifty families settled in this old retirement home.

This Saturday, a support operation was organized, also aimed at improving the conditions of installation of the occupants.

→ Reportage: a former EHPAD Cenon "requisitioned" to house families on the street

Gironde: a former nursing home in Cenon "requisitioned" to house families on the street
Speakers: Almeida, Valbona, Brigitte Lopez, support committee for the expelled
Team: SALLES Denis, MAZÈRES Dominique, RABRÉAUD Charles

A precarious solution

"We must still know that there are people in regular situation, with work permits, and who work for some", points out Brigitte Lopez, of the support committee for the expelled.

"In a metropolis so rich that the Bordeaux metropolis, it is unlikely that people in situations like this are still on the street" she is unworthy.

The occupation of these places by these families is not considered as a long-term solution.

The collective of associations asks the public authorities to set up a program of creation of emergency housing on the Bordeaux agglomeration.

During the summer, many squats where homeless people lived in Bordeaux were evacuated

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