Glass container blown up next to playground – Upper Austria


Unknown people have blown up a glass container in the residential park Haid in Ansfelden (district Linz-Land) – next to a playground.

The broken glass lay around the container. Standing cars were damaged.Unknown persons blew up a glass container with (presumably illegal) BOllers during the night on Sunday in the residential park Haid in Ansfelden (Upper Austria). According to police, the container was "torn into countless pieces".

The flying metal and glass parts damaged cars that were parked nearby. The alarmed police made sure the gunmen.

The fire department Ansfelden was on site with 18 men. Commander Michael Becker to "": "We have cleaned the area, the glass fragments cleared away."

Anyone who blew up the container near a playground is still unclear. The police are now asking for clues. According to a witness, it should have acted to three juvenile offenders. Who else has seen something: 059 133/4131.

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