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Watch LIVE God Level Fest 2vs2 All Stars FREE ONLINE Peru TODAY Sunday, November 10, 2019. The Internet broadcast can be followed by: Red Bull TV, God Level Fest 2vs2 All Stars and Omega The CTM from 15:45 hours (Peru) in the Plaza Arena (Santiago de Surco). You can also follow the LIVE STREAMING of the online live freestyle battles via YouTube and Facebook.

– Kaiser and Lobo Estepario choose Force and Walls. Third battle of the day

Jiminy Cricket Y Shock beat Zaina and Mecha

– Last replica: Mecha vs Pepe Grillo

– There will be a replica in the battle of Pepe Grillo-Choque vs Zaina-Mecha

– Third round: 4×4 free

– Second round: double tempo 120 seconds

– First round with thematic: "Inspiration"

– Pepe Grillo (Chile) and Choque (Peru) choose Zaina and Mecha (Argentina both)

Jaze and Stuart access the quarterfinals

Jaze and Thunder they will face to define the winner

– Jaze-Stuart and Letter-Thunder will define the first winner of the day: replica

– Last round: 4×4 free

– It comes double tempo 120 free seconds

Jaze and Stuart they decide to face Thunder and Letter, seconds in day 1

– First couple to leave: the winners of the first date Jaze Y Stuart

– Misio clarifies Dtoke's absence. His couple Stigma will double with The younger

Misio start giving the names of the pairs

– Finally, the local JOTfifth jury

MC Arias on stage, fourth jury

Invertthird jury

– It's time for PIME, second jury to go on stage

– Presentation of judges: In the first instance OMEGA CTM

Misio (Host) enters the Plaza Arena


The Freestyle Republic will broadcast the great event God Level Fest 2vs2 All Stars LIVE FREE Thanks to YouTube and Facebook. In the minute by minute you will find all the details of the first date of the contest that will take place in Peru.

YOU CAN SEE: God Level 2vs2 Argentina: Jaze and Stuart were the champions of the first date

After sovereign battles on the first day, once again the God Level 2vs2 All Stars, but this time Peru will host a great event that brings to the stage the 32 best freestylers Spanish speaking (Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain and Peru).

In Argentine territory, the national MC Jaze and the ‘gaucho’ Stuart they won the first prize on date 1, after beating Thunder (Argentina) and Letra (Venezuela) in the final.

YOU CAN SEE: Theorem will not be in the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters International Final Spain 2019

Remember that, the God Levele 2vs2 All Stars It will take place on three dates: the first one in Argentina has already passed, the second one will be held in the Peruvian capital and the third will be on January 4, 2020 on Chilean soil.

The maximum exponents of freestyle They are already concentrated in the country facing what will be this second day of the World Freestyle World Championship.

God Level 2019 2vs2 LIVE: Confirmed doubles and scores

STUART + JAZE (4750 points)

THUNDER + LETTER (4250 points)

ZAINA + DATE (2500 points)


CHUTY + ACZINO (1000 points)

SONY + LANCER LIRICAL (1000 points)

ACERTIJO + KLAN (1000 points)

BTA + T-VALLEYS (1000 points)

NITRO + NEKROOS (250 points)

LIT KILLAH + ZASKO (250 points)


SKONE + PAPO (0 points)

CACHA + DOMINIC (0 points)

SHOCK + PEPE GRILLO (0 points)

FORCE + WALLS (0 points)

DTOKE + STIGMA (0 points)

God Level All Stars 2vs2 Peru: date, time and tickets

The God Level All Stars 2vs2 Peru will be held this Sunday, November 10 at ‘Plaza Arena’ (Santiago de Surco). The headquarters will open its doors from 3:45 p. m. to appreciate the biggest freestyler who will seek to win and arrive with championship options in Chile next year.


VIP: S / 159.00


God Level 2019 2vs2 LIVE: freestyle event schedules

– Mexico: 2:45 p.m.

– Peru: 3:45 p.m.

– Ecuador: 3:45 p.m.

– Colombia: 3:45 p.m.

– United States (New York): 4:45 p.m.

– Venezuela: 4:45 p.m.

– Bolivia: 4:45 p.m.

– Paraguay: 4:45 p.m.

– Argentina: 5:45 p.m.

– Uruguay: 5:45 p.m.

– Chile: 17: 450 hours

– Spain: 10:45 p.m.

God Level 2019 2vs2 LIVE: How to watch the freestyle event online?

Follow the transmission of the God Level Fest 2vs2 All Stars this Sunday, November 3 via Red Bull TV, God Level All Stars 2vs2 and Omega The CTM. In order to watch the freestyle battles ONLINE, the event organization confirmed that there will be streaming on Youtube Y Facebook.

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