Golf: Matthias Schwab loses golf thriller in the jump-off


        With three strokes lead Matthias Schwab started in the final day at the Turkish Open. In the end, he narrowly missed the premier victory.        </p><div>
        <p>After a 65th, a 67th and a 66th round, Austrian golf pro Matthias Schwab, as leader on Sunday, made his final day at the Turkish Open in Antalya on the European Tour. For a long time, it looked as if the 24-year-old Styrian, who has been a pro on the tour since 2017, would celebrate his first victory on the European Tour.

On the decisive final day Schwab could not quite keep the level of the previous days, moreover, the 24-year-old failed at the decisive moment the nerves. The three-stroke advantage that Schwab had worked out for the first three days of the competition in Antalya, Turkey, was over after the last round on Sunday. "Pars alone will not be enough today," Schwab had already speculated at the "half time". With a round of 70, the Schladminger but still in the jump-off for the victory on the par 72 course of the endowed with seven million dollars tournament. In addition to Schwab also managed the Englishman Tyrrell Hatton, the US-American Kurt Kitayama, Erik van Rooyen from South Africa and the two Frenchmen Victor Perez and Benjamin Hebert in the jump-off.

Already in the first round of the jump-off, which was held on the 18th hole of the course, three of the six remaining title contenders had to cancel the sails. The two Frenchmen Perez and Hebert succeeded with five strokes only a par five. The South African van Rooyen even said goodbye to a bogey from the fight for the prize money of almost two million euros. Schwab and Hatton, who made it to the next round with a long-distance chip, and Kitayama each made a birdie in the first round of the jump-off.

In the second hole of the finals Kitayama, who made it into the jump-off with a strong round of 64 on the final day, looked like the sure winner. But at the crucial moment denied the 26-year-old American from California, the nerves. Kitayama failed at the putt for birdie from close range. Thus, it went for the three remaining athletes in the third round. There Kitayama still struggled with the missed chance of winning the tournament. Since both Schwab and Hatton again managed a birdie, the American did not pass another par five at the 18th hole.

Under floodlight it was on the fourth hole of the stinging with only two remaining golfers now about everything. Schwab and Hatton were clearly aware of the nervousness. After an injured Putt Schwabs awarded Hatton the first match point on the tournament victory. While the English still quarreled audibly with the missed chance, Schwab underwent another mistake at the putt. Hatton did not want to miss the second chance and won the Turkish Open with a par five at the 18th hole after the fourth round of the jump-off. "It was close," Schwab said after the missed opportunity. "I had some promising situations and good chances in the regular game, but I did not use them, that's the way it is."

Matthias Schwab scored his best career result on the European Tour with shared second place. Although the 24-year-old once again missed his first tournament win on the European Tour, he can look forward to a prize money in the amount of 390,000 euros. In addition, Schwab will also make a huge leap forward in the Race to Dubai and improve to 14th.

On the other hand, it did not go as planned in Turkey for the second Austrian, Bernd Wiesberger. The Burgenlander was classified with 283 strokes on the 49th place.


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