Google makes VR cardboard glasses Cardboard Open Source


Google does not develop their VR cardboard glasses anymore. (Photo: Google)

Google no longer develops its VR cardboard glasses Cardboard itself and provides the code to the developer community.

Google launched Cardboard five years ago, a cardboard VR glasses – now the company is finally bury the project. Cardboard will be open source, as Jeffrey Chen, product manager for AR and VR at Google, writes in a blog post. Over time, the glasses have been used less and less. Therefore, Google does not develop the software itself.

In October, Google had already announced the end of the virtual reality platform Daydream. The reason: Google does not see a long-term perspective in smartphone VR and instead wants to focus on augmented reality without extra accessories.

Easy access to VR

Carboard basically consists of one cardboard and two lenses. From this, users can make a headset, use the smartphone in it and experience with corresponding apps VR – not comfortable, but easy and above all cheap.

"In many cases, Cardboard has given people access to VR that would otherwise not have been able to afford it," Chen writes.

Google has circulated over 15 million cardboards since launch. First, the cardboard glasses were distributed in 2014 as a giveaway at the Google I / O developer conference.

In the education and entertainment area Cardboard is still used meaningfully, for example for Youtube VR and the educational application Expeditions, Chen writes. That's why Google now provides Cardboard as an open source project to the developer community.

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