Granit Xhaka speaks after fan scandal about his future at Arsenal FC


It's been over two weeks since Granit Xhaka's career has taken a completely new turn. Unfortunately, it was not an athletic achievement or a remarkable action.

The 78th minute between Arsenal and Queens Park Rangers was much more intense. When the number 34 on the substitution board flashed, applause broke out in the Emirates.

However, this was meant sardonic. An affront to the dissatisfied Arsenal fans against Xhaka, who is not very popular among the fans.

Xhaka speaks after fan scandal

Bad enough that the spectators in the stadium jeered at a player from their own ranks. Worse still, considering that Unai Emery Xhaka recently captained the Gunners.

When he was replaced, the Swiss was badly offended, then pulled out of his jersey and poisoned against his own followers.

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A few days later, Xhaka wrote an open letter to the Arsenal fans, in which he apologized for his behavior. But the waves will probably not be smooth anymore.

Now the ex-Gladbacher has in an interview with the Swiss view commented on the incident.

"When my shirt number lit up on the fourth official's table and then broke into a jealous jubilation of my own fans, that hit me very much and stirred up," Xhaka reported: "It was very painful and frustrating."

For him "this reaction is incomprehensible to this day, above all in this vehemence and how extremely hostile I was here".

Schimpftiraden in the social networks

Also in the social networks it hailed ranting. Among other things, fans of his daughter have wished cancer. For Xhaka, one is at a "point where I have to say clearly that you should stop and check if this is not completely out of hand".

He has represented values ​​such as fair play, respect and loyalty in his life, but "what I had to learn here has nothing to do with it, that goes beyond any normal measure," said the 27-year-old.

He also sees social media as responsible. "What used to be a 'bulletin board' for friends is becoming more and more of a forum for people who want to offend others," Xhaka said, "Rules of decency and respect are obviously no longer valid for many!"

Xhaka sees a future for Arsenal

His previous Arsenal time estimate Xhaka up to this incident as "so far very positive". He and his family felt comfortable in London as well, "the events of the last week will not change that," Xhaka said.

He said he had a future in the Emirates: "I'll stay positive, hang myself in even more and prove that I'm an integral part of this great team," said Xhaka.

Despite various exchange rumors and the Emery statements, the capital Arsenal is therefore not yet finished: "For me, the last week is ticked off and I'm ready."

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