Great welcome in Serbia to dance music from Cuba


1110-the child and the truthHavana, Nov. 10 (ACN) The Cuban dance music show starred at the band El Nino y la Verdad, which culminated this morning in the Belexpocentar hall, in the city of Belgrade, totally filled with the public, made a great sensation.

Before the concert, started at midnight on Saturday, Emilio Frias – popularly known as El Nino – told Prensa Latina his joy of being in Serbia for the first time.

The restlessness in the huge pavilion was noticeable in the absence of the artists, announced to start the show at 11:30 p.m. local time, which was due, Frias explained, to the cancellation of flights from Warsaw to Belgrade that forced them to take a Bus and arrive here late at night to fulfill the commitment to the public.

Without time for rest, they dressed the Havana shirt in Belgrade, as the encounter with Cuban dance music is named that this year reached its ninth edition and that also featured the presentation of Maykel Blanco and her Salsa Mayor, another success before the arrival arrived from several countries.

El Nino, received with shouts and applause for his restless admirers – a surprise for him, as he said – began with an introduction of his own that started screaming with satisfaction from the thousands of dancers who immediately took action.

Then he was reeling pieces of his latest CD, such as Back to the neighborhood, The Bad Thing, The Princess of Key West and The Apple, interspersed with previous successes since the founding of the orchestra in 2013.

He drew power to the attention that the dancers and fans sang together with the singer the lyrics of even more recent compositions, mostly Serbs, but also from neighboring and more distant countries such as Sweden, Finland and France.

Cubans residing in Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and arriving from other latitudes joined the revelry.

Early in the morning, the interpreter offered an Afro-Cuban folklore show with professional and amateur dancers who received a long ovation of thanks.

But what seemed like the end of the day lasted at least 30 minutes to accommodate the requests for the lively assistance that kept moving for more than three hours.

The group arrived in Belgrade after 30 days of offering concerts in Frankfurt, Venice, Vienna, Helsinki and Warsaw.

Maykel Blanco and his Salsa Mayor appeared the day before with the singer Mayito Rivera before the same enthusiastic public with similar reception and offered pieces of his seventh album What has to move you and other compositions of the nine years of his career.

Professional dancers and members of both groups also offered academies for hundreds of fans of Cuban dance music, by the organizers of the ninth Havana in Belgrade 2019.

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