Green boss Kogler: "Everything in the green area"


The extended federal executive committee of the Greens meets in the Viennese Urania – Werner Kogler wants to announce after 16 o'clock whether one would like to enter into coalition negotiations with the OVP.

After conclusion of the exploratory talks, the Greens today, Sunday, discuss the start of coalition negotiations with the OVP. This is decided in the extended federal executive committee (EBV), the second highest committee of the party, which sits since noon in the Viennese Urania. There were no definitions before, but the mood was tidy.

"Everything in the green, thank you," said party leader Werner Kogler when he arrived in front of journalists and thanked "for the continued interest." As usual, he wore sunglasses with green cream on his forehead, accompanied by his probing team. In the afternoon, a press conference will announce how the analysis of the soundings had proceeded, which was recommended to EBV and how it was decided.

Whether one was for or against coalition talks with the People's Party, neither Kogler nor any one of the incoming ones could be elicited. Deputy Club Head Sigrid Maurer also said they wanted to listen to what the probationers had to say and then decide. Present were 27 voting members.

The speech was in any case of "great unity", as emphasized by the Upper Austrian Stefan Kainender, or by a "good interim result," as the Vorarlberg Nina Tomaselli said confidence building during the soundings. The great confidence in Kogler was also expressed by the Viennese MP Lukas Hammer.

Fiesel elected Secretary General

At least one decision has already been made at the extended Federal Executive of the Greens: The former campaign manager Thimo Fiesel was named Secretary General of the party. "I just canceled my status and was unanimously confirmed as general secretary by the extended federal executive board of @Gruene_Austria," he tweeted out of the session on Sunday afternoon.

Fiesel is a native German from Baden-Wurttemberg (born April 24, 1983 in Eberhardzell) and has served since 2016 as Country Manager of the Tyrolean Greens. In the EU election and in the National Council election campaign that began immediately afterwards, Fiesel, as campaign leader, organized the green campaign. At the end of October, the father of three children changed to the Green Party.


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