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The Greens want to enter into concrete coalition negotiations with the OVP. The confirmed party leader Werner Kogler on Sunday.

The decision was eagerly awaited as to how the Greens decided. Originally, the press conference was announced for 16 clock, then postponed to 16:45 clock. Finally, Greens boss Werner Kogler then went to shortly after 17 clock before the press. At least then he did not stretch the crowd for long to the torture. The enlarged federal executive of the Greens unanimously decided to enter into coalition negotiations with the Austrian People's Party. Really surprising, this announcement did not come. Absolutely fix that it will come to coalition negotiations, it is not yet.

OVP has the last word

Because the final decision on whether it comes to such, is now in the OVP. Here, the committees will meet on Monday to vote on it. A "no" from the People's Party would come as surprisingly, as it would have been one of the Greens.

During his statement, Kogler did not comment on the concrete content of the soundings. He roughly outlined which topics were particularly important to the Greens and would also be involved in coalition negotiations. At any rate, it is clear that it needs compromises. These should not be denounced, "said Kogler.

Negotiate "as long as necessary"

Should the OVP also give its readiness for concrete government negotiations, the Greens will nominate a negotiating team until Tuesday. One would negotiate "not on failure", nevertheless it could come to such large differences of opinion that a government co-operation "does not go out".

If it comes to negotiations, these would take "not three years". But you will not rush anything. The negotiations would have to be conducted "as long as necessary" said the Green Party chief, who wishes above all that the "Republic of Austria is again pro-European" position.

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