Greens unanimously start coalition negotiations with the OVP


        As expected, the Greens have decided to start formal coalition negotiations with the OVP. Perhaps the surprising thing was that federal spokesman Werner Kogler was able to announce a unanimous vote in the competent extended federal executive committee (EBV) on late Sunday afternoon. The OVP is discussing this decision in the evening and will announce its coalition decision on Monday.        </p><div>
        <p>Twenty-seven persons were entitled to vote in the EBV and all followed Kogler&#39;s suggestion, which sees at least one basis for real negotiations after the sounding with the OVP. Of course, the federal spokesman was not tired to emphasize the open end of these talks: &quot;How that ends, we do not know.&quot;

Even those who were not eligible to vote in the EBV were quite confident today. The Neo-MEP Michel Reimon, who had been angry a few days ago about the alleged lack of secrecy of the OVP, emphasized to the APA expressly to have entered for the start of the coalition negotiations. He sees the chances for a positive conclusion at just over 50 percent.

Sigrid Maurer, who was not only given charming words by the OVP in the past, expressed her goodwill towards the upcoming talks in the APA interview. The most distanced was still the Viennese Green Party leader Birgit Hebein, who asked to their assessment of the negotiations said: "It will be tough."

Kogler also sees that the negotiations, which are to start in a few days, will not become a matter of course. "Of course this is a risk, but we want to take the step." Also for the representatives of the pure doctrine of the national spokesman had a warning ready: A possible cooperation would need many compromises. These should not be denounced then.

But also for the OVP Kogler had brought a message after the four-hour EBV. The last attempt at cooperation in 2003 was trying to make a black and blue policy with a green machine. Therefore, one had gotten up at the time and would do so again, should the events at that time be repeated.

At first Kogler looks positively to the negotiations, however, because the alternative could be a turquoise-blue coalition. He countered this with turquoise green, a collaboration that could bring together the compatibility of ecology and economy, as well as an information freedom law or measures to combat child poverty. Finally, with the Greens in the government, a pro-European orientation of Austria would be ensured.

Those country representatives who already govern with the OVP were quite taken by the upcoming negotiations, but stressed that things were not comparable. After all, the state level was less ideologically charged, said about the Upper Austrian Green State Councilor Rudi Anschober. The Vorarlberg County Councilor Johannes Rauch also spoke of a "different league". He says, however, that one could certainly take over experiences from the countries, such as the Vorarlberg minimum security model for the federal government.

The fact that the OVP says no to negotiations is considered virtually eliminated. Party leader Sebastian Kurz consults with party leaders on Sunday evening and will presumably announce Monday morning his decision to negotiate with the Greens. The FPO responded to the developments with panicked words: The idea of ​​a free and secure Austria had died, said Secretary General Christian Hafenecker. At the same time he accused the Green Anbiederung.

The steps taken to form a new government:

29th National Council election: The OVP (71 seats) is growing strongly and has a majority with the SPO (40), the FPO (31) and the Greens (26), even without NEOS (15 seats). The FPO loses massively, party leader Norbert Hofer speaks immediately of the opposition. The SPO, which is also losing, is open to government negotiations – and the Greens continue to emphasize the distance to the OVP.
30. 9. OVP boss Sebastian Kurz suspects, "that this time it could be a bit more challenging". Political scientists are sure that the coalition will not stand before the Styria election on 24 November.
1.10. The interim government offers the resignation, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen entrusts them with the continuation of the business. Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein hopes that the new government will stand until Christmas. The Greens believe that it may take until Easter.
1.10. The OVP board meets – and shows no preference for a government partner. The FPO executive board suspends Heinz-Christian Strache – and nominates Hofer as third national council president. The Greens meet behind closed doors.
2.10. Hofburg talks: Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen receives Kurz, Rendi-Wagner and Hofer. The FPO boss shows willingness to "reassess" the situation should it become impossible for Kurz to form a government.
10.3. Van der Bellen welcomes Kogler and Meinl-Reisinger. The NEOS boss states: "The ball is not with us."

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen and the Federal Spokesman of the Greens, Werner Kogler.

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                Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen and the Federal Spokesman of the Greens, Werner Kogler.             </figcaption></figure><br/><span style="color:#00509f">7.10.</span> Van der Bellen shortly gives the order to form a government. The Federal President sees the impending climate catastrophe &quot;high on the agenda&quot;. For the OVP chairman, however, the &quot;impending economic downturn&quot; is the biggest challenge, with climate protection only coming in fourth.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">8.10.</span> The soundings in the Winter Palace in Vienna&#39;s Himmelpfortgasse start with four-eyes talks: SPO boss Rendi-Wagner has a &quot;friendly exchange&quot; with Kurz. FPO boss Hofer leads with Kurz a &quot;very good conversation&quot; on the subject of security.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">9.10.</span> Short talks (rather long) with NEOS boss Meinl-Reisinger and with Green boss Kogler.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">10.10.</span> In short, the FPO decision &quot;respects&quot; opposition - and announces meetings with the other parties &quot;in larger groups&quot;. The FPO then warns of the &quot;turning to the left in a turquoise coat&quot; - and announces that it is not available for soundings.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">10.11.</span> The presidency of the SPO is fixed by the sounding team: party leader Rendi-Wagner, Rainer Wimmer (head of FSG), Doris Bures (second national council president), Peter Kaiser (Carinthian governor), Michael Ludwig (mayor of Vienna), JOrg Leichtfried (deputy club chairman).<br/><span style="color:#00509f">12.10.</span> The OVP sounding team is: party leader Kurz, August WOginger (club chairman), ex-minister Elisabeth KOstinger, Gernot Blumel and Margarethe SchrambOck, short advisor Stefan Steiner.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">10.15.</span> Kogler announces the Green Team: Next to him Birgit Hebein (Viennese party leader), Leonore Gewessler (eco-expert), Rudi Anschober (Upper Austria), Alma Zadic (ex-list NOW-Deputy) and Josef Meichenitsch (budget expert). FPO leader Hofer warns shortly before a &quot;left-wing government&quot; with the Green &quot;doomsday sect&quot; - and renewed the offer to re-evaluate the situation in case of failure of the negotiations.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">16.10.</span> The NEOS sounding team is being betrayed: party leader Meinl-Reisinger, Andrea Klambauer (Salzburg state councilor), Sepp Schellhorn (business spokesman), Nikolaus Scherak (vice club chairman), Nick Donig (secretary general), Robert Luschnik (general manager).<br/><span style="color:#00509f">17.10.</span> First sounding OVP-SPO - and last, the SPO is not available for further parallel talks, only for exclusive coalition negotiations, says Rendi-Wagner. Tyrol&#39;s SPO leader Georg Dornauer considers such &quot;ultimatums&quot; wrong.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">10.18.</span> Morning: First sounding OVP-Grune - &quot;respectable&quot; and positive (Kogler). Afternoon: First sounding OVP-NEOS - &quot;intense, open, trusting&quot; (Meinl Reisiniger).<br/>Kurz praises all explorers and announces more rounds with Greens and NEOS.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">19.10.</span> Kurz asks for &quot;a bit of patience&quot;, they will &quot;certainly need the next few weeks&quot; for the exploratory phase.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">21.10.</span> Four-eye conversation Short and Kogler - no comment afterwards<br/><span style="color:#00509f">22.10.</span> In 2002, the Greens&#39; inner-party stance on soundings with the OVP was &quot;much more critical,&quot; says EU delegation leader Monika Vana. The Green Club elects Kogler becomes the club leader, Sigrid Maurer the deputy.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">10.23.</span> Constituent meeting of the National Council: FPO leader Norbert Hofer is elected Third National Council President.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">24.10.</span> Second and final probing OVP-NEOS: NEOS are only available for real government talks. Short confirmed: &quot;The focus is now on the talks with the Greens.&quot;<br/><span style="color:#00509f">25.10.</span> For the SPO, the way to the opposition is &quot;the only viable option,&quot; says EU delegation leader Andreas Schieder. FPO club chairman Herbert Kickl urges: Shortly end the &quot;probing Taktiererei&quot; and commit to coalition negotiations with the Greens. Short informs: Four more rounds with the Greens, end of the soundings on 8 November, &quot;in the days after&quot; decision on coalition negotiations. Second exploration OVP Greens: First substantive points are discussed - but no details reveal because confidentiality has been agreed.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">29.10.</span> Second four-eye conversation Short / Kogler: &quot;Once again a good exchange&quot; for short. Kogler is impressed by the new turquoise-green style of respectful interaction with each other.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">30.10.</span> Vienna&#39;s Green Party leader Birgit Hebein, formerly a big turquoise-green skeptic, says that &quot;images change in the mind&quot;. In Styria there is a new affair about neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic texts in a songbook of a fraternity - in the FPO member Wolfgang Zanger member is.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">31.10.</span> Third exploration OVP-Grune: Unity over five &quot;challenges&quot; Climate crisis, economic downturn, migration, education and transparency - but no further details. Kickl wants to deprive the Federal President of the opportunity to reject ministers.

Several exploratory rounds between Kurz and Kogler.

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                Several exploratory rounds between Kurz and Kogler.              </figcaption></figure><br/><span style="color:#00509f">11.3.</span> National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (OVP) sees between Turquoise and Green &quot;no fundamental dissent&quot; in the migration issue. Fourth exploration OVP-Grune - Kurz praises positive atmosphere and good culture of conversation, Kogler speaks of &quot;great respect&quot; and &quot;common effort&quot;.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">11.4.</span> In Vorarlberg, the OVP and the Greens agree on the continuation of the coalition in the country.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">11.5.</span> Vorarlberg&#39;s Greens leader Johannes Rauch recommends his party to enter into coalition negotiations with the OVP at the federal level. Fifth exploration OVP-Grune: Climate good, but still different positions - and still no details<br/><span style="color:#00509f">11.6.</span> Although Rendi-Wagner expects turquoise-green - but in case of cases, she calls for the SPO key points in coalition negotiations, u.a. rapid tax reform, climate billion.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">7.11.</span> Georg Willi, Mayor of Green in Innsbruck, demands not only the environmental, but also the finance department for the Greens in the case of the coalition.<br/><span style="color:#00509f">11.8.</span> Sixth and last probing OVP-Grune
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