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Greta Thunberg: Campino with crass statement on the climate activist: "This little person"

Greta Thunberg: The climate activist now wants to travel to Spain for the climate conference in a climate-friendly way.
Greta Thunberg: The climate activist wants to travel to the climate conference in Spain in a climate-friendly way.
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Greta Thunberg is still in the US. There, the climate activist has even met with Leonardo DiCaprio. Even German celebrities speak out to her again and again.

Cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr had last with tough statements about Greta Thunberg provided for discussions. In several interviews he had said that a third world war would be imminent and billions of people would die if the demands of Greta Thunberg and the "Fridays for Future" movement.

"Dead pants" singer Campino sees it differently ..

Greta Thunberg apparently also influenced Campino's son

The singer was impressed by the 16-year-olds. He told the German Press Agency: "I find that immense, what could move this little person through their energy and their commitment."


This is Greta Thunberg:

  • born on January 3, 2003 in Stockholm
  • The teenager the most famous climate activist in the world
  • Greta Thunberg launched her "School Strikes for the Climate" ("Skolstreijk fOr klimatet") in the heat of summer 2018 – every Friday Greta skipped school and positioned herself in front of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm
  • Through various media and social media, she increasingly inspired young people in particular
  • The movement "Fridays for Future" (FFF) was attended by nearly 1.8 million people worldwide on 15 March 2019
  • Special attention was paid to her "How dare you" speech UN climate summit in New York


+++ Dieter Nuhr irritated again with statement about Greta Thunberg +++

Campino also said that Greta had "landed something to blaze" brought. "It is important that we are finally dealing intensively with climate change. If you ignore that now, you can not help it, "said the 57-year-old. "Everyone can contribute something. Everyone can ask how much clothes and flights he needs. "

His son was in the "Fridays for Future" demos in Berlin here. "He would not have to ask me for permission. If he got a problem with that, I would fight for him, "the singer said.

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Leonardo DiCaprio praised the climate activist

Earlier, Leonardo DiCaprio had already described the Swede as a "pioneer of our time". He also said that it was an honor for him to spend time with the climate activist. The Hollywood actor met Greta Thunberg during her stay in the US.

From the US, the climate activist wanted to attend the UN Climate Change Conference in Chile in November. She had traveled with a sailing ship across the Atlantic to get to Chile in a climate-friendly way.


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Greta wants to travel to Spain now

Since the Climate Conference has now been relocated to Spain, searches Greta Thunberg continue to find a new climate-friendly way to get there from the US.

An offer that would allow her to travel to Spain was already in the room after a few days. (nk, dpa)

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