Greta Thunberg meets Leonardo DiCaprio – and elicits him a promise


Greta Thunberg has to find a way to travel from Madrid to the climate conference in Madrid in time. Whether the meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio helps?

  • Chile has canceled the UN Climate Change Conference in the capital Santiago de Chile.
  • The conference was relocated to Madrid at short notice.
  • Greta Thunberg is looking for help to get across the Atlantic in time.

Update from November 2nd, 6:20 pm: The big question these days is: how can Greta Thunberg manage to get to Madrid in time for the UN Climate Change Conference? Meanwhile, the Spanish government has offered help for the journey. Perhaps it would have been a much easier option, because Greta Thunberg has just met with the Hollywood star and dedicated climate protector Leonardo DiCaprio – and with his assets, an environmentally friendly trip across the Atlantic should be easy to accomplish.

What the two have discussed, you do not know exactly. On Instagram DiCaprio but share pictures of the meeting and sent a message. "I hope that Greta's message is a wake-up call for the leaders of the world," he writes among other things. "She and I have promised each other we support each other, hoping to secure a better future for our planet."

Meanwhile, a company from Germany has made Thunberg a kind of "immoral offer" for the return journey.

Greta Thunberg is in urgent need of help: "Would be so grateful if …" – now comes support

Update 02. November, 12:10: The Spanish government has offered assistance to Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg to facilitate her participation in the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid in December. "Dear Greta, it would be great to have you here in Madrid," said Acting Environment Minister Teresa Ribera on Twitter.

"We would love to help you cross the Atlantic," she added in the Friday night tweet, praising Thunberg's commitment to the climate. Madrid is ready to get in touch with the 16-year-old. As the travel help might look like, Ribera did not say.

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UN climate summit avoids Madrid – is Greta Thunberg coming too?

Update 01. November, 17.00 clock: Spain instead of Chile: The climate summit, which should have taken place in Santiago de Chile, has now been relocated to the Spanish capital of Madrid. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is now looking for a way to cross the Atlantic for her participation in the conference. In her call on Twitter, the activist writes that she would be "so grateful" to help her find a suitable means of transport.

Greta Thunberg is surprised: Chile rejects UN Climate Change Conference

Update October 31, 6:53 pm: Greta Thunberg was also surprised by Chile's refusal to host the next world climate conference in December. As the Swedish activist wrote on Twitter, she has already made her way through the North American continent in the direction of Santiago de Chile. She had to wait and see how things went on.

The conference, which was due to start on December 2, was one of the main reasons why she sailed across the Atlantic in August next to the UN climate summit in New York. Now looking for an alternative for Chile.

The Swedish climate activist is now known. But even she has not experienced that yet: she has now been shown by football ultras on a gigantic banner.

Because of unrest: No World Climate Change Conference in Chile

Update from October 30, 2019, 8:16 pm: Thousands of NGOs and governments around the world spilled the news: Chile's President Sebastian Pinera canceled the UN Climate Change Conference in the capital city of Santiago on Wednesday, just over five weeks before the scheduled start of the conference. He threw months of preparations over the pile. Now there is a feverish search for a temporary accommodation. A hot candidate for the organization of the so-called COP25 is the seat of the United Nations Climate Secretariat (UNFCCC), the North Rhine-Westphalian Bonn.

"No one was forewarned," says Sabine Minninger, Climate Officer of the development organization Bread for the World, about the sudden rejection of the international climate conference. Minninger has been seized with preparations for the climate conference in Santiago de Chile for months, she has booked flights and hotels for around 40 representatives of partner organizations and helped with visa applications. She does not know what will happen next.

Pinera described the UN Climate Change Conference planned for December 2-3, as well as the Apec summit planned for November, for the unprecedented protests in his country as an "extremely painful decision". Chile had agreed relatively short notice to host the 25th UN Climate Change Conference with tens of thousands of participants – after the scheduled host had canceled Brazil in late November 2018.

Now it has to be rescheduled and this task comes first to the UNFCCC. UN Climate Secretary Patricia Espinosa initially published only a two-sentence, dry statement. She had been informed that Chile could not align the COP because of the current "difficult situation". "We are currently exploring alternative host options."

The Federal Government for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) quickly brought Bonn into the picture and immediately made Germany responsible for successful negotiations to combat global warming. "Now the federal government has to step in and align the climate conference at the UN location in Bonn," demanded BUND climate expert Ann-Kathrin Schneider. The implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change must be "ensured despite the cancellation of the conference".

However, the Federal Ministry for the Environment emphasized that such a case "has not existed in the history of UNFCCC so far". It was therefore "too early to guess," as it continues now.

Beating a bell in Chile: Country says the United Nations Climate Change Conference

First notification of 30 October 2019:

Santiago de Chile – bang in South America. The ongoing protests in Chile have now led to a momentous decision by the country. President Sebastian Pinera canceled the COP 25 Climate Change Conference in December and the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum (Apec) summit in November.

The reason is the continuing unrest that has been haunting the country for a long time. The Chileans are protesting by the thousands, riots and riots in the cities of the South American country keep coming. Again and again the protests escalate, the police shoot back with water cannons and tear gas. The background is the frustration of the population over low wages and pensions, immense cost of living and unequal prosperity.

Government in Chile: own country takes precedence over the UN climate summit

"Given the difficult circumstances that have affected our country in recent weeks, our government has decided not to hold the APEC Summit in November and the COP 25 in December," said President Sebastian Pinera. The government must devote itself primarily to the pacification and the preparation of reforms that would meet the demands of the wave of protest. Just recently, Pinera had replaced the entire cabinet in Chile.

The annual climate summits serve to promote the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. Last year, more than 20,000 participants traveled to Katowice, Poland. Environment Secretary of State Jochen Flasbarth wrote on Twitter that he was in contact with the UN Climate Change Secretariat and the Polish Presidency of the previous Climate Change Conference to discuss the situation.

Researchers predict "unspeakable suffering" for humanity – Trump is still indifferent in climate policy.

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