Grisaille, rain and freshness for this holiday Monday's weather


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For a holiday, it may be more of a hot chocolate-series than a hike in the woods … The weather on Monday will be still marked by a lot of morning gloom over a large part of the country, strong rainfall accumulations on the east of Corsica and the arrival of a new oceanic disturbance during the day, according to Meteo-France forecasts.

In the morning, the greyness will reign at the beginning of the day over a large part of the country, with more frequent and locally dense mists in the early morning on the Grand-Est and in the Garonne valley. Caution.

The clearings will be short durations in the day with the arrival of clouds from the west. Slightly rainy weather will cross the west of the country in the morning, then stretch from Champagne-Ardenne to the Pyrenees in the afternoon.

Snow in the Pyrenees

A little snow will fall above 1200 meters on the Pyrenees. Thunderstorms will return to the northwestern part of the country, with some coastal showers near the Channel and moderate northwesterly winds. The weather will remain mixed on the south-east of the PACA region with light rains and some snow on the border Alps. In Corsica, thunderstorms will still be frequent and temporarily supported.

Icy temperatures

The weak morning frosts will become a little more frequent from the center to the north-east of the country. Elsewhere, the minimum temperatures will remain everywhere below 5 degrees, except for the Mediterranean with 7 to 10 degrees and in Corsica where sweetness will be present with 9 to 12 degrees.

The maximum, globally stationary, will reach 6 to 9 degrees to the northeast, 9 to 14 to the south and to the west, to 15 to 16 on the Mediterranean shores, locally 18 to the south of Corsica.

Here are the temperatures recorded at 4 pm, followed by the minimums expected in the night from Sunday to Monday:

Lille: 9/3

Paris: 7/5

Strasbourg: 2/0

Brest: 10/6

Bordeaux: 11/5

Nantes: 10/4

Toulouse: 10/3

Lyon: 10/0

Clermont-Ferrand: 9/1

Marseille: 12/8

Ajaccio: 13/9



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