Gruner takes over the city hall after 70 years of SPD | TIME ONLINE


After 70 years SPD becomes in Hanover for the first time a Green Lord Mayor. In the run-off, the Green candidate Belit Onay won 52.9 percent of the vote. The candidate of the CDU, Eckhard Scholz, came to 47.1 percent.

This is Hanover to Freiburg, Darmstadt and Sttutgart the fourth big city, which is governed by a Green Lord Mayor. In addition, Onay is the first mayor with a migration background in Germany
a state capital.

Trigger of the early Mayor election in Hanover was
the town hall affair, which the previous incumbent Stefan Schostok
(SPD) forced to resign. The prosecution had against the end of April
 him as well as his former office manager and the suspended cultural and
previously charged with charges of gross infidelity.

It is about illegal salary bonuses for the office manager and the
former fire chief. Shostok is said to have learned, according to the charges,
 without stopping them. If and when it comes to a process, that has
District court has not yet decided.

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