Guti: "It was not a happy afternoon"


Guti has been baptized this afternoon at the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games as a solo coach in professional football. The new Almeria coach acknowledges that he has been comfortable, thanks the work of his players and other people to the club and regrets for not having released with a win. "I have felt comfortable. Since arriving in Almeria, everyone has made things comfortable for me, from the club, the players and the coaching staff that was already there. The penalty is not being able to win despite having the game on track", says the Madrid.

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"It has not been a happy afternoon. My premiere has been the same as with the youth because you have to compete to win. I would have liked to win, but we will continue to grow as a team to give the fans a good result as soon as possible ", continues the coach of an Almeria who has abandoned direct promotion positions.

Guti also had words about the situation in the goal of Linares, with Almeria in numerical inferiority after injuring Martos and not entering Owona yet. "They make us the goal when Ivan is injured and they don't know who is central. We are two good teams, we could not get a clearer result in the first part. Then we suffered after 1-1. The result is fair, "he explains.

Finally, the coach is the UDA that recognizes that Coric asked for the change to feel muscle discomfort, praises the predisposition of his pupils. "I keep the attitude of the players, it has been good in a week that was not easy. The team came from some not very good results and their attitude has been good, "he concludes.

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