Gymnastics of Maradona thrashed Aldosivi de Hoyos and is excited to leave the relegation zone in Argentina


Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata He won an important victory because they defeated a direct rival in the fight not to descend. Those led by Diego Armando Maradona defeated 3-0 at Aldosivi from Guillermo Hoyos at the Jose Maria Minella Stadium in Mar del Plata, for the 13th day of the Argentine Super League.

At 24 ', the defense Maximilian Colonel opened the marker after a definition in the area then a rebound. Eleven minutes later, Matias Garcia He handed the ball to Eric Ramirez and defeated former Antofagasta Sports goalkeeper Luciano Pocrnijc. At 70 ', Garcia was responsible for converting the final 3-0, through a pitch from the twelve steps.

With this victory, the triperos got their third victory in the championship and are in the twenty-second position of the Argentine Super League with 10 points. However, they remain in the last position of the relegation averages, but shortened the lead with the three points obtained against the Shark. On the next day, you will receive the newly promoted Arsenal de Sarandi in El Bosque.

On the other hand, Aldosivi stagnated in the twenty-third place of the First Division of Argentina with 8 units. Like the Platans, those led by the former U technician are complicated with the descent because they are in the penultimate position of the averages. In the next date, you will visit Rosario Central in the Gigante de Arroyito.

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