Haitian opposition debate on transitory government


November 9, 2019, 8:46 AMPort-au-Prince, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) The Haitian opposition meets today for the second consecutive day at the Marriott hotel in this capital, to discuss the transition strategy following an alleged resignation of President Jovenel Moïse.

The meeting that brings together platforms such as Passerelle, Mache Kontre, Consensual Alternative for the Refoundation of Haiti, Fanmi Lavalas, among others, aims to end with the signing of the National Political Agreement document, which would define the post-Jovenel period.The text proposes, among other topics, the preparation and voting of a new constitution, revision of the electoral machinery, modern, effective and responsible diplomacy, organization of all trials, including the embezzlement of public funds, and the holding of a National Conference

At the center of the debate is the election of the next provisional president, whose proposal divides the various opposition branches.

The day before, the participants signed a joint note in which they requested the resignation of the president, and condemned the violence of the Police against protesters leading the anti-government protests.

According to the United Nations, 42 people have died since the debut of the demonstrations, 19 of them at the hands of the Police, while almost a hundred were injured.

Bernard Craan, entrepreneur and former president of the Private Sector Forum, said that this negotiating table reflects the will of the various political actors to find a common solution to end the crisis.

For two months, strong anti-government protests and the Peyi Lok operation paralyze the Caribbean nation, with demands for a change in the system that allow the lives of millions of citizens to be dignified.

Despite growing popular pressure, Moïse said he will continue in his post, and criticized the proposed transitional government, claiming that similar experiences did not do the country well.

Since February 1986, which marks the end of the dictatorship, Haiti has met 15 presidents, and only three were able to complete their term.

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