Hall of Fame leads ten athletes to immortality


He Hall of Fame raised to the condition of immortals to ten recognized athletes, with the remarkable propellers, Bolivar Vargas Vargas Candelario and Roosevelt Comarazamy, up to two pioneers inside Pavilion, like Claudine Garcia and Eneida Perez. It opened its doors to the Immortals class of 2019, exalted this Sunday as part of the Fifty-third Ceremonial held in its auditorium of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

Three former players, Jose Nunez, Alfonso Soriano and Placido Polanco, they gave baseball mainstreaming as the discipline that repeats again with the greatest amount of exalted, because it is the King of the Dominican Republic sport.

However, iconic national sports disciplines such as basketball, with Maximo -Tepo- Tapia, boxing, by Jorge Amparo and table tennis, with nationalized Chinese Luis Lin Ju, are part of the history of 53 Exaltation Ceremonial.

Garcia will be remembered as the first racquetball athlete, male or female, who enters the Hall of Fame, which will mark a before and after for her and such discipline as part of the family of elected immortals.

Something similar will happen as Eneida Perez, who today becomes the first female chess player to arrive at the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame.

Comarazamy, Lin Ju, Soriano, Polanco, Vargas Candelario, Amparo, Garcia, Perez, Tepo Tapia and Nunez were introduced to the temple of immortality in an emotional act celebrated with the presence of distinguished personalities from all fields, including international representatives such as the once star of world athletics, the Cuban Alberto Juantorera.

By virtue of its presence as a special guest, the Hall of Fame was pleased to pay tribute to the double gold medalist in 400 and 800 meters at the Montreal 76 Olympic Games, Canada.

Directed the works by the presidents of Honor and the Hall of Fame, Isaac Ogando and Dionisio Guzman and by the secretary Rafael Damiron, the Ceremonial began after 11:30 in the morning and lasted approximately two hours.

The Orfenon de Santiago, under the direction of the Reverend Father Cesar Hilario, opened the event with the intonation of the National Anthem and the Hall of Fame.

Then the flag bearers and the symbol holders were called, responsibility fulfilled by the national flag bearer Rodrigo Marte de la Rosa and the Pavilion, Robert Pigozzi, respective winners of gold medals in boxing and water skiing in the past Pan American Games 2019 in Lima, Peru.

Another medalist in Lima, but bronze in athletics, Yancarlos Martinez, was the bearer of the laurel and the prominent journalist William Aish did it with the machete.

Subsequently, Monsignor Lorenzo Vargas made the invocation to God, before Atilio De Frias, treasurer of the Pavilion, ordered the entry of the standard bearers and carries symbols.

Julio Mon Nadal, president of the Veterans Committee, welcomed the new immortals and Americo Cabrera, president of the Association of Sports Chroniclers of Santiago, read the press message.

A delegation of athletes and leaders who represented the country in the Panamericans of Lima, led by the president of the Olympic Committee, Luis Mejia and the head of mission, Garibaldy Bautista, was recognized for the excellent role played by the country in the continental event that It was held on Peruvian soil from July 26 to August 11.

Later, the exaltation of the new immortals began, in alphabetical order, starting with the former gold medalist in the Central American and Caribbean Games, world champion of Cadets and former professional boxer, Romanesque Jorge Amparo.

"It is time to thank those who have given me the opportunity to get to the desired place, for my effort and dedication and the help of many people throughout my career as an athlete," said Amparo.

Second, he had to be exalted to the doctor of law and journalist Roosevelt Comazamy, the most exquisite prose of sports journalism and the most complete chronicler in the history of our country.

“I am here because I had the happiness and the fortune to start a career as a chronicler in 1969 covering an international baseball series held in Santo Domingo, for the opportunity offered by an international journalism teacher like Buck Canel. Never for having achieved a feat for Dominican sport that could be written with gold letters, ”he acknowledged in his words notable Dominican who as a basketball player represented the country in the Central American and Caribbean Games of 1966.

Claudine Garcia took advantage of her moment to thank what went to the training and support offered by her parents, and her brothers Jose, Rafael and Luis Garcia, who was her edecan. She is the first racquetball athlete, male or female, athlete or leader, who embraces the immortality of national sport.

Garcia competed in the country in six versions of the Central American and Caribbean Games, winning gold, silver and bronze medals.

Another who dedicated the exaltation to his family was Alfonso Soriano, one of few Dominican players with the least 400 home runs connected in Major League Baseball. He argued that his choice and exaltation "is a sign that my effort and sacrifice has been worth it."

Jose Nunez said that "this Sunday, November 10, is the most important day of my life." The native of Jarabacoa and once star of the Leones del Escogido, is one of the greatest pitchers he has played in Dominican professional baseball.

The former right pitcher was as dominant in regular series as the postseason.

Eneida Perez thanked her for becoming the first female chess player to achieve immortality, but acknowledged that great players like Ana Esther Portes, Elizabeth Hazim and others forged immortal careers.

"A special day for him and his family," was the first reaction offered by Placido Polanco, immortalized by his performance in the major leagues, being one of the most notable hitters and the best defensive players of his generation.

Tepo Tapia thanked "God and life for giving me so much". He recounted what his life was as an athlete and recalled the people and institutions that were vital in his career.

"I am very honored to be in this enclosure and to be part of this family now, but believe me that I never worked in favor of the sport waiting to be rewarded," said this great leader who has dedicated more than six decades of his 84 years to serve the country as an athlete, coach, international referee and weightlifting leader.

Luis Lin Ju, winner of more than ten gold, silver and bronze medals at the level of the Pan American and Central American Games, thanked the country for giving him the opportunity to represent him sportively.

"I am happy and proud of the opportunity they gave to compete for this great nation," said the Chinese-born retailer.

Claudine and Nunez had their brothers Luis and Migdalia, Tepo and Polanco as their hostesses Antonia Castro and Cresencio Polanco, Comarazamy was accompanied by her son of the same name, while Eneida Perez was accompanied to immortality by her husband, the German Norbert Lucke.

Soriano paraded with Leo Astacio, of edecan, Bolivar Vargas did it for his most outstanding student William Ozuna, current president of the Weight Federation; Jorge Amparo did it with the also immortal Arturo Morales and Lin Ju had his former coach Juan Santos.

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