Hamilton found a "unique way" of being a great champion


After taking part in making him leave McLaren for Mercedes at the end of 2012, Ross Brawn was the manager in Lewis Hamilton's first Gray season at Brackley in 2013. The technician is best known for accompanying Michael Schumacher in all his world titles, at Benetton and Ferrari, as technical manager. Also, it offers the luxury of being able to compare the approaches of these two giants of the Formula 1.

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"I think the best compliment I can give Lewis today is that he found a unique way to be a great champion, and I have to admit that when I started working with in 2013, I was a bit nervous about his approach as a professional race driver, and for me the reference was Michael Schumacher, a man totally dedicated to the pursuit of success and at the same time very concerned about protecting his Even at that time, Lewis had a truly eclectic approach to his career and, while being totally professional, he preferred a much less monastic lifestyle than Michael's. "

An approach that could play tricks on him in the early 2010s, when his private life sometimes took precedence over his performance on the track, bad races being often automatically attributed, rightly or wrongly, to what he was doing or did not do it outside the paddocks. But Brawn believes that Mercedes has fully exploited the potential of its driver by offering him the conditions for its development.

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"Lewis has always been comfortable moving in different circles, such as music and fashion, and this gives him the energy to develop his talent even more, while ensuring he is always in the best shape. which is vital in the modern era of Formula 1. And at Mercedes, Lewis has found the right support in an environment that is technically stimulating but at the same time gives him the freedom he absolutely needs So, I congratulate Toto Wolff and the whole team, because they did not just give him an amazing car year after year but they allowed Lewis to evolve and grow to become one of the greatest riders in history. Formula 1, certainly the best of the last 15 years. "

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