Hanover: Green Belit Onay becomes Lord Mayor


Hannover has elected a new Lord Mayor: The Green Belit Onay won the runoff election. The member of parliament prevailed with 52.9 percent against the CDU candidate and former VW manager Eckhard Scholz, who came to 47.1 percent of the vote.

Hannover is thus the fourth German city after Freiburg, Darmstadt and Stuttgart, in which a Gruner moves up to become Lord Mayor. The Turkish-born Onay is nationwide the first Lord Mayor with a migration background in a state capital.

At the same time, for the first time in more than 70 years, the SPD is no longer the mayor of Hanover. The Social Democrat Marc Hansmann had landed in the first ballot at the end of October in third place.

The former SPD Mayor Stefan Schostok had resigned after an indictment for "serious infidelity" in April and had announced new elections. The allegation against him: Schostok's office manager Frank Herbert is said to have received since 2015 unlawful extra payments in addition to his salary – with the knowledge and support of his boss. He denies the allegations.

Mainz: SPD politician Ebling remains Lord Mayor

Also in Mainz, the Lord Mayor was determined by ballot this Sunday. The SPD politician Michael Ebling remains in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital in office. The 52-year-old prevailed against non-party candidate Nino Haase, who had been supported by the CDU, among others.

Ebling received in the decisive second ballot after the preliminary official final result 55.2 percent of the vote, Haase came accordingly to 44.8 percent. This equates to a lead of almost 7,000 votes for Ebling.

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