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A simple talk during the week between Fernando Beron and Cecilio Dominguez marks what everyone wondered in the Independent world.
-What is happening to you?


-Because it can't be that you forgot to play football.

Words more, words less, so was the dialogue. And it seems that it served as the mood that the 25-year-old forward was needing. Because the Red had bet very hard on him, if he made the most important investment in history by paying 6,000,000 dollars 11 months ago. Until last night Cecilio had not shown an important level to understand why so much money had been spent … But one night, Dominguez made it clear that he has talent, that he has an overflow, that he has one against one and that could be decisive so that Beron's team achieved the second consecutive victory and was in an expectant situation, with a postponed match against Newell's (will be played on 12/15) and with one to be rescheduled against River (he will recover on 1/18). “Beyond the statistics, that it had not been earned in this province for more than 50 years, we came with the mentality of adding up to three and luckily we got it. Little by little we are raising and reaching the level we wanted. Now we have to keep working, ”said the Guarani, who was the figure of the Mendoza night.

Cecilio had prominent words for Fernando Beron, the driver who arrived after Beccacece's departure. “When a team has a new technician, things change. Beron gives us peace of mind and confidence. Likewise, I think the most important thing is that the group is strong, ”he said. And then he spoke of his personal situation: “I am again taking pace and level. The subject of the selection looks sideways, but I am focused on the team and keep improving. ”

And Silvio Romero does not loosen

A win brings another win and a goal calls another goal. SilvioRomero keeps his sweet streak and turned into the victory of Independiente in Mendoza.With so much that he put a penalty (the third in a row, since it came from wetting by that road in front of Union and San Lorenzo), the Chinese remains in what highest in the table of top scorers in the Super League with eight goals.

The former Lanus had been receiving his first ovation since he put on the Red shirt in the match against the Cyclone but still did not relax and returned to celebrate. Since Beron took five goals in three dates and is a guarantee.

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