Has Senegal done enough to promote Sadio Mane? (Lamine Sarr)


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Ballon d'Or France Football: Has Senegal done enough to promote Sadio Mane? (Lamine Sarr)

"The voting period is now over! It's over. Three weeks of voting, 180 voting and the results are in the box. See you on December 2 at the Theatre du Chatelet for the official results", launched Pascal Ferre, editor-in-chief of France Football (Https://www.francefootball.fr/news/Ballon-d-or-france-football-2019-la-periode-de-vote-est-terminee/1078507).

In other words, the dice are thrown. On December 2nd, beyond the official presentation of the prestigious golden ball, will also be devoted to the analysis of a verdict. The consultants, specialists in system football, the ordinary laypersons will still have to heart, either to explain or to approve or simply disapprove of the result. Senegal, which for the first time in its history has aligned two nominees, Sadio Mane and Kalidou Koulibaly, will not be outdone. Although the second has no chance of winning the trophy, the former is a serious competitor. However, it would seem that the exclusively sporting criteria are not enough to touch the grail. Beyond sports performances, a cleverly orchestrated communication campaign seemed necessary, experts say. In this register, we are tempted to question Senegal's attitude towards its star. At the moment when curiously the French media have taken salutary initiatives in favor of Sadio Mane, I find Senegal's support very timid.

Sadio Mane in the spotlight, this is the title of the radio show Radio Foot International this Monday, November 4 against the backdrop of an interview with journalist Babacar Fall. During this broadcast, Frederic Suteau of the Francefootball Sports Service and the consultants Gilles Verdez, Salim Baungally, Patrick Juillard and David Fintzel around the excellent Annie Gasnier gave pride of place to the child prodigy of Bambaly. A moment of communication and exceptional marketing for the one who decided to fight to the end for the golden ball. During this show, the merits of Mane have been sufficiently raised and the limits that could play against him. The next day, November 5, Sadio made the front page of Francefootball. In red with Liverpool, this is the shocking title of the magazine that delivers the coveted trophy.

A few days before, Canal +'s talent show Talents d'Afrique settled down in Liverpool with a special guest, Sadio Mane. On the same Canal + channel, we all followed Parick (Magic) Mboma, saying he votes twice for Sadio Mane for the Golden Ball. His compatriot Samuel Eto Son would certainly vote 10 times for Mane if it was allowed, so his outings in favor of the Senegalese star are numerous. Didier Drogba the Ivorian star, did not hide his weakness for Sadio Mane reinforcing the Senegalese Habib Beye and Diomansi Camara in their ongoing campaign for Sadio.

Meanwhile, what have we done here in Senegal to make triumph our national Sadio who has proclaimed loud and clear give priority to the national team against the next world of clubs? When one of Annie Gasnier's Consultants makes it clear that only Sadio Mane deserves it (gold ball), but he fears that he will not win it due to late campaign by evoking extra-football criteria, you agree with me that such a question is far from being meaningless. Sadio deserve the golden ball they support forcefully because responding sufficiently to the specifications to have this ultimate individual award of football. He has the class of the player, his exceptional individual and collective performances militate in favor of the one who wears Liverpool more than Salah.

Has this golden balloon stretched out to Sadio, a national cause? I say a national cause because our prodigy deserves it amply. The sports press, the national press just short enough has participated in this necessary campaign? Still this should not only be the business of the press. The Senegalese Football Federation, the National Olympic Committee, the Senegalese sports movement as a whole, the State through the Ministry of Sports and even at the highest level, politicians, civil society, everyone could do better to my opinion.

I saw the National Daily Le Soleil as well as the private daily and weekly newspapers, the online press, make a unique edition on Sadio Mane. What about RTS, private radios and TVs? Have we dispatched enough emissaries to voters to sell our deserving candidate? Sports diplomacy was to unfold in all its splendor.

The appointment of Sadio Mane National Golden Ball for the 6th year in a row is appreciable certainly. But this is not enough in my opinion. It was necessary to take bold initiatives to convince, rally the undecided voters, but also to put pressure on the promoters of this distinction because, again, the criteria exclusively sports are not enough. The whole of Senegal was to animate a permanent campaign of promotion of this pure talent. Territorial marketing specialists will not deny me. Sadio is doing a lot of good for Senegal, with its exemplary performances and behavior (in and out of the field). Far from Senegal, as soon as you decline your nationality, the first thing they serve you is Sadio Mane. Sadio Mane! Sadio Mane! He has become a remarkable identity for our country, a true icon. For all the good he gives us, he deserved a general mobilization in his favor, at least more than it did in Senegal. Here, there is no question of objectivity. You will forgive me the chauvinism that some will call bad, but our national Sadio deserves it. Therefore, I can not understand the attitude of some compatriots who, in the name of a misplaced objectivity, or of a jealousy (go see) disqualifies our national pride. Let me not name.

I dream of that day when Sadio Mane will be triumphantly welcomed at the Blaise Diagne Airport to the Palace of the Republic, then to Bambaly, the Golden Ball in his hands. What a gain of notoriety for our country! What sport and economic gain for Senegal! Anyone who wants to appear with him, have they invested enough in this campaign to promote our prodigy.

I do not think we have done enough for Sadio. After the verdict of the FIFA the Best trophy, we had only our eyes to cry and to anathemate African and non African captains, coaches and journalists who did not vote for Sadio Mane. As long as it does not repeat this time.

In the meantime, I would like to thank the African brothers who are applying. History will remember that Samuel Eto Son, Patrick M'Boma, Didier Drogba all deserving of the golden ball have fully played their part in this battle. Thanks also to Canal + with Claude Le Roy, Rudurou Vincent, Phillipe Doucet and Radio Foot International hosts. You have done more than we Senegalese to make the child prodigy of Bambaly triumph.

Long live Sadio Mane!

Lamine SARR

Football fan,

Unconditional support from Mane

Author: Lamine SARR – Seneweb.com

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