Havana International Fair: new and greater challenges for Cuban entrepreneurs (+ Photos)



Havana, Nov 10 (ACN) The XXXVII International Fair of Havana He has raised the rod to the Cuban business, which is very positive and encouraging at a time when the promotion of exports in as many areas as possible – and the substitution of imports – become essential ways to circumvent the measures and pressures linked to the US blockade.

Beyond the amount of business or memorandum of intent signed between nationals and foreign visitors, that mentality prevailed that begins to break through after the President's call Miguel Diaz Canel to think and act as a country, to attract new partners and markets, and show them that together with medical services, tobacco, rum, lobster, concentrated juices, coffee, honey, fresh fruits, nickel and charcoal, Cuba can offer other items, for Its competitive quality.

The presence of more than four thousand exhibitors from some 60 nations showed that there is confidence in Cuban entrepreneurs, in the same way that they continue betting on foreign investment, hence during this commercial event, one of the largest in Latin America and the Caribbean, they will be updated on the Portfolio of Opportunities to establish alliances with the Island and the facilities created.

Rodrigo Malmierca, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, told local media that the fair showed that we continue to move forward, proof of this is that good business has been done between national and foreign entities and three agreements of new partnerships with foreign capital were signed, one of them in the Mariel Special Development Zone.


The rod is now higher because to be consistent with the policy drawn up by the country in this sphere of the economy, and to fulfill the commitments and agreements signed by these days, for example, it will be necessary to encourage the so-called productive chains (not forgetting the sector non-state), strengthen ties with universities and scientific institutions and achieve the greatest possible integration.


Even when it was dedicated to Havana for its 500 years, all the provinces were represented in Fihav 2019, which also means that the entities that already have exported products or services included in their portfolios evaluate this plan not only with their respective agencies or business groups, but with governments seeking support, given some local development projects they may find useful or vice versa.

Significant moments had this XXXVII edition, one of them the presence of President Miguel Diaz-Canel – first at the opening and then his meeting with ministers, businessmen and heads of delegations of the countries represented -, and the happy coincidence of the appointment with the Cuba's overwhelming victory – and the world – when the resolution against the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Island was approved at the UN.

Many of the foreign exhibitors endorsed this new triumph of truth and justice, although for some time not a few had been betting on establishing alliances with the largest of the Antilles and others do so now for the first time, and that trust and support to The Cuban economy cannot be missed by Cuban entrepreneurs, another challenge that Fihav 2019 left behind.

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