He eats everything and Messi delighted


Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi live placid and very beautiful times in their lives. After years and years of busy lives it seems that both begin to enjoy everything achieved during all these years: Messi enjoys the captaincy of his team, the Football Club Barcelona, and lives his last years as a professional footballer with the goal of achieving his last Champions League. Antonella enjoys her work and her life in Barcelona and both share very beautiful moments with their three children being a very happy family.

The situation is so beautiful and welcoming in the Messi Roccuzzo family that Leo is getting doubts about fulfilling one of his youth dreams: finish his career soccer playing in Argentina, where he has never done it and where he wanted to leave his last flashes until over the years he has been aware that he does not feel like living that time away from his family or moving his wife and offspring during that time to Argentina. The crossroads is there and will be revealed in a few years when Messi stops being a Barcelona player.

The latest from Antonella Roccuzzo on his Instagram has been upload a photo where several artists from the Circus of the Sun appear in the show they represent having Messi as their main character and that the Argentine had already witnessed with her husband on the day of the premiere, a month ago. Now Antonella has repeated because that day she was amazed and wanted to live it again to realize new things since there is so much magic in that show that it is impossible to notice everything with a single pass.

In addition to this show, Antonella was spending the day with friends as he showed in the stories uploaded yesterday in his IG and so it could be seen they didn't stop all day: Argentina soccer match, lunch with a dessert sir, a rice pudding that I'm sure I don't leaveTo and finally night of party in disco. Definitely, Messi Roccuzzo are happy in Barcelona and it will be very difficult to get them out of there.

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