He makes his marriage proposal to KFC and he did not expect such a continuation


A man named Bhut 'Hector asked his girlfriend in marriage in a KFC in South Africa. Filmed, this sequence was so moved that brands have offered beautiful gifts to the couple.

It's a story as alone social networks can create. For several days, a short video is running on Facebook and Twitter. On this one, we see a man to propose his girlfriend… in KFC fast food, South Africa.

A scene that attracted a lot of people around them, who filmed and shared on social networks. The video has become viralespecially after the restt on the Twitter account of KFC South Africa. The message was retweeted near 30,000 times.

A marriage proposal to KFC

In the process, he created a real solidarity momentum for the two lovers Bhut 'Hector and Nonhlanhla. The musician Zakes Bantwini – well known in South Africa – offered a show to the lovebirds for their wedding, while Audi offered them a honeymoon trip.

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But that's not all: Coca-Cola offered them free drinks and they received other branded gifts like pans and even money. They will even be entitled to their double page in the magazine DRUM!

Interviewed by the newspaper Sowetan, Bhut 'Hector and Nonhlanhla explained that they had already been married since 2012 but that the ceremony had been disappointing for them. For their next wedding, we bet they will not be disappointed!

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