He studied his rival



The U17 Mexican National Team prepares to face South Korea in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Brazil. The coach Marco Antonio Ruiz acknowledged the quality of the Korean team, but said they have thoroughly studied the rival waiting to give the best version of the Tri.

We expect a complicated opponent, in this instance there is no easy rival and they made the merits to be in this phase. We have prepared to find the best Korea, we have had time to study them and see what they do on the court, we will try to make our game and stick to what we know how to do well and do all the merits to win. We have seen their matches, they have proposed high pressure since the departure of the rival, in other matches they have waited with a couple of different formations, but we have a mature team that dominates different variants and some systems, these matches have to be worked on and done as necessary to be in the next round ”he commented.

After a complicated group stage and beating Japan forcefully in the knockout stages, those commanded by Chima Ruiz have gained confidence, but at this point in the championship the margin of error is practically nil.

The team has come from less to more, but we are also aware of what we aspire to. I see them calm, we had time to enjoy the pass, but we are already focused on what we are going to do, ”he said.


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