Heart attack of Valencia Basket in Murcia


The results do not arrive and the fortune does not accompany either. Again in the extension. The Valencia Basket fell again and did it in the most painful way possible after a very bad first half and a reaction that deserved greater prize after the break. The team, despite the poor dynamics, showed on the UCAM Murcia track to be with the coach. Another thing will be what the club decides on Monday, where it will prolong the confidence in Jaume Ponsarnau for another week or on the contrary will certify his dismissal after the last two defeats. We will have to wait for the next few hours.

Started surprise at the presence of Joan Sastre on track. A player who had not participated in the last few weeks after his injury and who came out with the great goal of stopping Askia Booker. The play did not go well for Ponsarnau, who saw how the American guard scored 9 points in the first five minutes (13-5; min. 5). But it was not a matter of the Balearic, but of the whole team. Intensity was lacking and defense was nonexistent. Nor in attack things were going better. In fact, the first basket in play by Quino Colom took almost four minutes to arrive. In this context, two almost consecutive Eddie triples established a maximum disadvantage of 13 points for those of Sito Alonso (22-9; min. 8).

The image of Valencia Basket was heartbreaking. The team did not work and, even after the first triple of Vives that served to open the can from 6.75 (1/6), the game remained unimproved. A sensation elevated to the maximum expression in the last play of the fourth and that resulted in an absurd loss after a dead time taronja (24-13; min. 10).

Jaume Ponsarnau, looking for reaction and something different on the track, gave Alberto Abalde entrance. The entrance of the Galician forward, together with several offensive errors of a Murcia that missed Booker, gave air to those of La Fonteta. The activity of men like Louis Labeyrie also contributed greatly to this, who put the taronja in the match (30-27; min. 18).

However, in the absence of two minutes to reach rest, the spirits were heated to a maximum level in the Sports Palace of Murcia. It all came after a dead time in which Labeyrie kicked a small bottle of water with such bad fortune that it struck an amateur.

It was not voluntarily, far from it, but the fan in question exploded in the stands directing Labeyrie allegedly racist insults. The French power forward, upon hearing it, exploded on the bench and had to be held so that he did not go to the stands. The consequence of all this was a technique for Labeyrie and the eviction of her locality from the fan in question.

The worst, however, would come shortly after when Abalde's subsequent protests involved two techniques and disqualification when he was being the best man in Valencia Basket. Jaume Ponsarnau could not believe what was happening. Nor did his team, which in the blink of an eye saw how the local income at rest increased to 12 points – almost all from the free throw by the techniques – (46-34; min. 20).

A sensation that lasted after passing through the changing rooms. The disbelief was now with respect to several virtually consecutive arbitration decisions in which there were no clear faults on Loyd, Vives, Doornekamp € The UCAM Murcia took advantage of it, after two new Eddie triples, to keep the Valencians at bay in the match (60-48; min. 26).

Valencia Basket said "Enough!" Contacted by the energy of men like Labeyrie and Loyd, the team put on the work overalls to, from a good defense, begin to run into the counterattack. It was about looking for the basket in the most direct way possible and that resulted in a partial of 0-16 that completely turned around the crash (60-64; min. 31). Pride and character.

A new encounter began in which the balance of forces and baskets would be a constant until the last moments. The success was enormous in both sets, equality and especially tension. So much so that the game went almost irremediably to an extension that only one last very forced shot of Colom after Loyd's steal could have prevented (81-81; min. 40).

Equality was maintained for three more minutes (86-86; min. 43). But Valencia Basket had already been without ideas in attack and Booker, from more than eight meters, and then Eddie left the meeting seen for sentencing (92-86; min. 44). Despite this, Valencia did not give up and after two triples from Doornekamp and another from San Emeterio, the team still had a last ten-second possession to force the extension and even win the game (97-95). Loyd, however, sinned from excessive individualism and defeat ended up consuming.

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