Heidi Klum: Jan BOhmermann makes macabre joke about love video with Tom Kaulitz


In his ZDF broadcast, Jan BOhmermann made a joke on Thursday evening at the expense of Heidi Klum. zdf instagram montage

Heidi Klum: Jan BOhmermann responds to Instagram video with macabre Apple joke

Nearly seven million people watch Heidi Klum on Instagram doing what she loves to do all day long. This ranges from a photo shoot, driving a car to dancing. But do you all like it that way?

  • Klum's Instagram appearance seems to fascinate millions of people with his bizarre mix of snapshots of their honeymoon flirtation with new husband Tom Kaulitz, some advertising (of course, that's Instagram!) And posts that, well, how can you describe that …
  • … look like this:

Last weekend's Instagram video featured Heidi, Tom and Kaulitz's brother Bill, who, for some unknown reason, seems to have nothing better to do than hang his brother and his new wife on for months.

In the video you can see how the disturbing love triangle stumbles through the area to an electric hit in the best hotel entertainer manner, The video ends with Bill, who is said to have a musical sense, probably out of shame disappears from the picture – while his brother Tom fiercely fists with the hip through the air dangerously close to the camera moves.

What's up with the performance is not clear. Heidi just wrote on Instagram: "I love you both"

Want to watch Heidi's video? Then treat yourself:

One could have left it with it. After all, many incomprehensible things happen on Instagram. ZDF satirist Jan BOhmermann had apparently not overcome the Klumschen taste decay, and thematized the video in his program "Neo Magazine Royal" on Thursday evening.

He announced the post with the words: "Over the weekend, roughly half of the total Internet was found in Heidi Klum's Instagram video."

And after a shooter of the Instagram video dared the somewhat macabre joke: "Did Steve Jobs die for it?"

As a reminder: Apple founder Jobs had died in October 2011 after a serious cancer. In the faithful studio audience of BOhmermann found the nasty saying quite good – a strong HOhOhO was heard.

Heidi Klum will hardly react to BOhmermann's statement. She floats on through her strange Instagram world.


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