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The Heilbronn bus station had to be closed in the night of Sunday because of a threat situation for several hours. However, the police were able to give the all-clear a short time later.

The police said a bus driver found a letter in her vehicle, in which a stranger announced that people would be harmed, the bus would continue. The alarmed police locked the area around the bus. The light rail and train services at the adjacent station were also temporarily suspended.

The State Office of Criminal Investigation examined the bus at the Heilbronn bus station with a special device (Photo: 7aktuell)

The state criminal investigation office examined with special device the bus at the Heilbronn bus station


In the search of the bus officers found in the luggage actually objects of unknown origin, it is said. In order to be able to rule out a danger, specialists of the state criminal investigation office were called in for further investigations.

Around 2 o'clock in the night then came the all clear. The investigation against the unknown writer of writing is underway.

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