Heinz Fischer believes in government OVP Greens around Christmas


Former Federal President Heinz Fischer assumes a coalition of OVP and Greens. "My forecast is that around Christmas, the Austrian government will be a government with the Greens for the first time," said Fischer on Saturday at the International Political Consultants' Conference (IAPC).

"There are still people who think this combination is impossible, but my assessment is that it will come," Fischer analyzed. "A coalition with the Greens is for (OVP boss Sebastian, Note). In short, the cheapest version to secure the majority in the National Council," said the former head of state.

"I do not blame the Greens either. For the first time you have the opportunity to join in and want to take advantage of this opportunity, "said Fischer. The Greens would therefore "do everything" to get into a coalition. "Short, however, will not do anything, but much to make a coalition with the Greens," he said. The former president believes that there will be no "extremism" in this government. The course towards refugees should also remain tough.

"Short is not my case, but he is too clever to get involved with the FPO again," said Fischer. A government with the SPO, which could get more votes than the Greens in the Nationalrat election, would mean more compromise for Kurz.

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"In my opinion, a coalition of the OVP and the Greens is better for Austria than an OVP-FPO coalition," remarked Fischer. The FPO still bears the traces of the controversial former party leader JOrg Haider. "Haider and (Norbert, note) Hofer is the same," joked Fischer. The party still has "sympathy" with National Socialism. Although one can no longer be a true Nazi today, there are still people who relativized the Nazi rule. The FPO is now at the beginning of a new era. Whether Herbert Kickl's radical wing or Hofer's moderate FPO will prevail remains to be seen.

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