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After many months of planning and approval procedures, the time has finally come. The ground-breaking ceremony marks the long-awaited start of construction work at the Bullenberg junction. At the end of last year, E. Geissmann AG informed about the merger with K. Geissmann AG in Dottikon. With the acquisition of the additional Volvo brand and the construction of a Ford commercial vehicle center, the company announced a generous new building at the Bullenberg junction.

The focus is on a modern energy concept with photovoltaic system, heat pump and automatic ventilation system. An elaborate facade construction creates a modern appearance. Together with employees of K. Geissmann AG, a furnishing concept for showroom and workshop was developed. The upper floors are designed as office space and will be rented to service companies in the future.

The groundbreaking ceremony on Monday featured a delegation of the two brands Ford and Volvo, JOrg Geissmann from K. Geissmann AG and the team of architects at Xaver Meyer AG. All participants expressed their satisfaction and are convinced of the success of the construction project. Markus Geissmann, in particular, has a stone in mind: "The planning demanded everything. There were a variety of wishes and requirements that had to be reconciled. After many project changes, we are now sure to have found the best solution. I am relieved that the implementation is finally over. "

The big shelter had to give way already. The excavation work started last week. And next autumn at the entrance to the village of Wohlen, the striking office building will attract the attention of passers-by. (Az)

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