Herrera, from substitute to hero, puts Getafe on the nerves


The protagonist of the party was sitting on the bench fighting the cold when his partner Ruben's injury forced him to put on his boots and warm up. Herrera left in the 18 ’. He was a hero minutes later, in the final arrear of Getafe in which the goalkeeper rojillo was decisive when making two paradones to shots of Arambarri.

With the exception of the brisk start that Getafe had, with three arrivals in the first six minutes, and the last ten, in which again the Getafe was superior with a shot to the crossbar of Molina and those paradones of Herrera, the party declined in sensations and occasions, with Getafe and Osasuna turning their backs on football. As neither of them circulated the ball through the center of the field, the development was locked, with constant defensive aids that aborted any intention of the opponent. The second plays took serious importance.

At 45 seconds Angel had wasted the first occasion, canceled out of play. At 3 ’Ruben deflected a corner shot from Maksimovic. At 6 ’, Angel sent a foul strategy play against the crossbar. Barely more than five minutes had elapsed and Getafe had disarmed Osasuna three times. It was all, because Aridane and David Garcia tied Molina and Angel short.

Shield / Flag Getafe

An Angel clash with Ruben ended up with the injured goalkeeper and being replaced in the 18 ’. The news was not good for Osasuna, but it turned out to be the best.

The first occasion was a surprise shot by Roberto Torres in 21 ’, which was more like a rugby trial than a goal shot. In the 25 ’, Aridane took a shot from Jason entering the goal. From there to the rest the most striking was a no penalty from Aridane to Molina, protested by the azulones but the reddish defender took the ball cleanly before slightly contacting the striker.

The second part began as the first began: 0-0. This time, Angel only took 15 seconds to look for goal, but his shot looking for the angle went out. Again it was Angel who looked for Herrera's tickle with a header in the 53 ’, but he arrived tender at the hands of the goalkeeper.

Shield / Flag Osasuna

As neither lost, no matter how much they both wanted the triumph the first strategy was to keep the tie. From evil, the less. Nacho Vidal's injury damaged Arrasate's strategy. Its function was to work the right band to plug Kenedy and Cucurella. His change to Brandon forced a positional restructuring of the team.

In 65 ’, a header from David Garcia sent by Ruben Garcia was Osasuna’s clearest chance.

Bordalas waited until 73 ’to make the first change. Kill for Jason. More pepper in attack. It was noted, a ball fought by Mata next to the corner ended with a shot by Molina to the crossbar. It was the 79th minute and the Getafe, already, wanted and believed. They were hard times for Osasuna, like the two that Herrera saved by shooting at Arambarri, in 84 ’and 91’. Herrera, who started as a substitute, ended up being the hero.


Blacksmith (18 ', Ruben), Brandon (57 ', Nacho Vidal), Bush (73 ', Jason), Portillo (80 ', Kenedy), Fran Merida (81 ', Marc Cardona), Enric Gallego (84 ', Jorge Molina)


Referee: Cesar Soto Grado
VAR Referee: Alfonso Javier Alvarez Izquierdo
Nacho Vidal (48 ', Yellow) Ruben Garcia (74 ', Yellow) Brandon (74 ', Yellow) Jorge Molina (80 ', Yellow) Oier (82 ', Yellow) Nyom (89 ', Yellow

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