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Bad performances on the lawn, but a lot of coal in the account! Finance boss Ingo Schiller was probably the only one at the general meeting on Sunday, who had a good mood with Hertha.

Because he presented thanks to the millions of investor Lars Windhorst new record numbers. The club is now worth 540 million euros. Schiller presents the members of the board the balance of the season 2018/19 as of 30 June. Sales increased by 2.4 million to 140.8 million euros.

Thanks to the Windhorst million, the capital club is as liquid as ever. Equity now stands at 124.7 million. A year ago, it was 20 million euros.

Schiller: "These numbers refer to the June 2019, now come to another 100 million euros." Hertha's account is thus well filled.

Entrepreneur Lars Windhorst (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)
Entrepreneur Lars Windhorst (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

It is true that in the next few years around 90 million liabilities to banks and the Scandinavia bond (40 million) will have to be settled. But that does not change the fact: Hertha has a lot of money.

Hertha boss apologizes for fan-chasers at Union

Hertha President Werner Gegenbauer has apologized after the riots of some fan-Chaoten his club at the city derby specifically at the 1st FC Union. "We have missed a huge opportunity, not just athletic, because some have disguised and sustainably damaged Hertha with missiles. We can not put up with that, "he said at the general meeting. "There is no justification, it is simply criminal," said Gegenbauer.

Hertha President Werner Gegenbauer speaks to the members (Photo: dpa)
Hertha President Werner Gegenbauer speaks to the members (Photo: dpa)

Gegenbauer reported on a telephone conversation with his Union colleague Dirk Zingler. He apologized for those who shot missiles. At the first Bundesliga derby between Union and Hertha on 2 November, flares had repeatedly been fired at the lawn and spectator stands from the block of guests. Union fans ignited Pyrofackeln, the game was close to demolition. After the final whistle, about 20 hoodlums from the audience area of ​​the Union supporters tried a place storm.

Of course, Hertha will continue the dialogue with the active fan scene. "We will continue to work it up," said Gegenbauer. It is about solutions to prevent such scenes in the future. "Everyone is in the duty. Only if we work together to ensure that these criminals do not appear in the stadium, we can win, "said the 69-year-old entrepreneur.

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