High military command took its support from Evo Morales | La Libertad newspaper


Bolivia's military high command spoke before the media on Saturday night in La Paz in support of the people against which they said they would never face.

Hours before the former president of Bolivia Jorge ‘Tuto’ spoke from La Plaza Murillo and called on the Army to give its support to the people and the Police, who had already taken distance from the dictator Evo Morales.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Bolivian source assured on Saturday night that the whereabouts of Evo Morales, who left La Paz, and who former President Quiroga proposed to go to the Cuban or Venezuelan embassy and then go to Havana.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, as reported by several networks, asylum applications from members of the Evo Morales regime are presented, further confirming that Morales is protected in the area of ​​El Chapere, where he was a leader.

In the midst of all the situation of uncertainty that exists, the clearest thing Bolivians have is that they want to force the fall of President Evo Morales.


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