High participation in weapon return action in Graubunden


High participation in weapon return action in Graubunden

On Saturday, the cops of the canton police Graubunden received in a concentrated action weapons and ammunition. In total, 167 people took advantage of this opportunity to hand over weapons and ammunition for free.

According to a Sunday report, 190 weapons and ammunition were voluntarily handed over to the canton police of Grisons during the fourth weapon return campaign. The returned weapons are 112 Ordonance weapons, mainly carbines and assault rifles, 49 hunting and sporting rifles and 14 handguns.

The canton police Graubunden also received three compressed air weapons and 12 stabbing weapons. Although only slightly fewer people found their way to the police compared to the same action three years ago, almost a third of them lost their weapons altogether.

Although the delivery of weapons and ammunition is possible throughout the year at the opening hours of each police station, the cantonal police is again planning such an organized return campaign. This is expected to take place in three years. The statistics show that in a year with action about three times as many weapons are delivered as in the interim years, writes the police. (SDA)

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