Holstein Kiel – Hamburger SV: Liveticker around the derby


Andreas Geidel 45 minutes before kick-off

Line-up Holstein Kiel against Hamburger SV

Holstein Kiel against Hamburger SV, Nordderby the Second Bundesliga from 13 clock in the completely sold-out storks arena – as even the water in the fjord bubbles with tension. Can the Kielers expand their small series of two wins in the preseason (3: 0, 3: 1)? The day for a new sporting feat would have been aptly chosen. 30 years after the fall of the Wall on November 9, 1989 – a historic epochal date. However, the last four consecutive winless league leaders from the Volkspark has announced decisive opposition. Holstein's ex-captain and current HSV midfielder David Kinsombi said in advance that his new team was ready for anything. We'll keep our fingers crossed for once that Kinsombi will not get lost in the search for the cabin this time.

Who nominates Holstein head coach Ole Werner, currently 31 years youngest coach of the Bundesliga lower house, instead of the ailing left-back "Jojo" van den Bergh? What can HSV veteran Dieter Hecking come up with without his lead wolves Aaron Hunt and Martin Harnik for his offensive? Questions that we will answer before the kick-off.

Incidentally, another ex-stork sits next to Hecking on the Hanseatic bank. Co-Dirk Bremser, who wore the KSV jersey in the 1999/2000 season. He should also hope for a big game. And on the fact that it remains peaceful despite all the enthusiasm and support for the respective team. That no fireworks or other Pyro-products are detonated. The rest of the republic should see: In the north, football parties are actually celebrated – without any ifs and buts.

Holstein expert Andreas Geidel three hours before the kick-off

Video clip with KSV midfielder Jonas Meffert

These players have shaped Holstein Kiel in the past:

David Kinsombi was one of the surprise players in the 2017/18 season. The midfielder was obliged in the season 17/18 free transfer from Karlsruher SC and acted for the KSV in 55 games. Kinsombi moved for 3 million euros for next season to league rivals HSV.


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