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The 1. FC Nuremberg loses against Arminia with 1: 5

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Nuremberg's Johannes Geis stood motionless on the pitch after beating Bielefeld 1-5.

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Everything is changing again at 1. FC Nuremberg. On Wednesday, as the sports director Robert Palikuca said on Sunday before the home game against Arminia Bielefeld, the successor of the recently dismissed coach Damir Canadi to direct the training at the second division. But others, the better football one wished for Sunday. A complicated task, in the Max Morlock Stadium looked over with Arminia Bielefeld a second division top team.
It was a task that was too big for this 1. FC Nuremberg. Against the Arminia club collapsed with club legend Marek Mintal in the first round within five minutes. Between the tenth and the fifteenth minute Bielefeld came to three goals, as they can not shoot easier in the 2nd Bundesliga. After the hits of Jonathan Clauss, Andreas Voglsammer and Fabian Klos the club was broken. In the end it was in front of 28,624 spectators 1: 5 (0: 3) and everything was even worse than under Canadi's instructions.

Debacle against Arminia: Rate the performance of club players!

One day after the 1: 3 defeat in Bochum, the 1st FC Nuremberg has dismissed its coach Damir Canadi. Interim coach and fan hope Marek Mintal should actually initiate the turnaround against Arminia Bielefeld. But instead there was a debacle. Here you can rate the achievements of the club players and the coach.

His role as interim coach Mintal had used to change the starting eleven against the defeat in Bochum to four positions. Newcomers to the team included Ondrej Petrak, Oliver Sorg, Enrico Valentini and Felix Lohkemper. So set up the club began powerful, after just a few seconds Lohkemper caught a ball in the midfield, his shot from 18 meters was staved by Stefan Ortega in the goal of Arminia to the corner. For nine minutes, the club spread spirit, then Florian Hartherz brought a ball in the middle, Clauss and found a way past Nuremberg goalkeeper Benedikt Willert in goal. Three minutes later, the Arminia left the Nuremberg defensive side on: Voglsammer had little problems from ten meters to hit. Again two minutes later an attack of the Arminia on the left side, this time Klos allowed to finish relaxed.

1: 5 against Bielefeld: Who is to blame for the club crisis?

The audience was shocked, the team was shocked – the Nuremberg at break, for example, was in the lead shots in the lead, was a particularly mean temper the statistics. For long stretches of the first round, only the supporters of the Arminia were heard in the Max Morlock Stadium – and the loudly silent Nuremberg, who gave in to the resignation. Only at break then real emotions: a whistle concert, but also soaked in compassion.
After the break, then whistles again to welcome, but only isolated, the sympathy had prevailed with most spectators well. Sebastian Kerk replaced Lohkemper. The club made an effort, but there was nothing more. After 59 minutes it was in the rather unimportant Eckball statistics 7: 0 for the club – and after goals only 1: 3, because Geis found the head of SOrensen with the seventh corner kick attempt.

Club fans practice sarcasm

SOrensen's head played again a few seconds later, because he did not touch the ball after a long tee shot by Ortega, instead Voglsammer put on for Klos – even the 1: 4 was not a really complicated exercise. In the 73rd minute met Reinhold Yabo head to 5: 1 for the Arminia. The stadium remained silent and shared the experience of how long it can take 90 minutes. When many spectators had gone home, the rest practiced sarcasm and cheered each of the many Nuremberg return and cross passes on the defensive. This Sunday was nothing at the 1st FC Nuremberg.
1. FC Nuremberg: Willert – Sorg, SOrensen, Muhl, Valentini (75th craftsman) – Petrak (64th Kerk), Behrens, Geis – Hack, Lohkemper (46th Medeiros) – Frey.
Arminia Bielefeld: Ortega – Hartherz, Nilsson (46th Salger), Pieper, Brunner – Prietl, Hartel (56th Seufert), Yabo – Voglsammer, Klos, Clauss (74th Edmundsson).
Gates: 0: 1 Clauss (10th), 0: 2 Voglsammer (12th), 0: 3 Klos (15th), 1: 3 SOrensen (59th), 1: 4 Klos (60th), 1: 5 Yabo ( 72.) | Yellow cards: Valentini (27), Hack (71) – Hartel (45 + 2), Klos (58.) | Referee: Patrick Ittrich (Hamburg) | Spectator: 28,624.
Here you can read the live ticker for the game:

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