"Homeless hostile and inhumane": Berlin homeless help attacks mayor of Dassel – Berlin


The Berlin homeless help rejects the honorary award of the district center. The association justified this step with the "homeless hostile and often inhumane policy of the district office", with the consequences of which volunteers are confronted on their aid tours.

"Homeless people are evicted from the public space and displaced, their property is treated like garbage," wrote the homeless help on their Facebook page. The district does not fulfill its obligation to be housed under the General Security and Ordinance Act (ASOG).

Therefore, the association is "significantly engaged in volunteer duties to fulfill, which neglected the district," it says. And: "For the cold dead on Berlin's streets, this policy is also responsible."

Stephan von Dassel, the mayor of Mitte, is also directly attacked: That the Green politician, who speaks of "aggressive Eastern European homeless", award the prize, "sets the whole thing on the crown," writes the club.

From Dassel demanded to deport aggressive homeless people if necessary

The conflict over the homeless policy of Dassels began about two years ago: At that time the center mayor complained problems "with aggressive homeless people from Central and Eastern Europe", especially in the Tiergarten. Ordnungsamtsmitarbeiter would be regularly attacked, passers-by, for example, on Hansaplatz, mobbed. The Berlin homeless help called the statements as "racist".

At the time, von Dassel also demanded deporting aggressive homeless people to their home countries if necessary. He always emphasized that many people living on the streets and in parks did not want to be helped. He uses populist resentment, criticized the club.

Also because of the eviction of homeless camps in Mitte, the mayor was repeatedly in the criticism, even in his own party.

From Dassel: "We send nobody away"

The Green politician told the Tagesspiegel on Sunday, it was "regrettable" that the homeless help would not accept the honorary award. However, the criticism of his policy by Dassel back. On the contrary, the center is the district that strives hardest to reach all people living on the street, no matter where they come from.

For some time it has been ensured that the public order office, for example during eviction, always works together with the social services. And the welfare office is in turn closely linked with the free bearers of the homeless help. "I know of no case in which we had to send away someone who wanted to be accommodated," said von Dassel.

However, he also notes that many homeless people "do not come to us because they do not want us to know who they are". Because, for example, they feared consequences because of their residence status.

Task Force Tiergarten according to Senate information successful

The Senate responded by Dassels outbreak, which was also intended as a call for help to the state policy, with a task force Tiergarten, which has now relaxed the situation in Berlin's largest park.

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"I do not believe in pointing one finger at each other. That does not help anyone, "said Social Secretary Alexander Fischer (left) opposite the Tagesspiegel. He says: "We are working together to gradually improve the situation, including the district of Mitte and Stephan von Dassel." If you have an urgent problem, you are looking for better solutions than guilty.

The homeless help, which is based in Wedding, provides people on the street three times a week with food, coffee and warm clothes. For this, the volunteers drive tours to Leopoldplatz, Alexanderplatz, Kottbusser Tor and Hansaplatz. Actually, the club should be awarded on Friday together with seven other winners and 300 guests in the ballroom of the Red Town Hall. The district center has awarded the prize for the 16th time.

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