Horse collides with car and stroller


Child injured by splinters
Horse collides with car and stroller in Krefeld

On Hulser Berg, a horse broke loose during a horseback ride on Sunday. The animal first met with a walker and then ran against a passing car.

As the police continue to tell, the pedestrian and a passenger in a car ten-year-old child were slightly injured. Around 11.30 clock led the 27-year-old owner her horse through the forest. Suddenly the animal stumbled and was so startled that it broke loose and ran away on a forest road.

Here it came together with a 53-year-old walker. This crashed to the ground and hurt easily. On the valley ring, the horse ran sideways into a passing car of a 43-year-old Krefelder. Inside the car sat a ten-year-old child who was slightly injured by broken glass.

An ambulance crew provided the injured locally. A random on-site veterinarian took care of the injured horse. It was taken to an animal hospital.


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