How a drawing tribute to Jacques Chirac ended up on the ceiling of the restaurant Chez Francis in Brive


Prized by the authors during the Book Fair of Brive, which has become an emblem over the years, the restaurant Chez Francis had set a challenge for the cartoonist Chaunu.
The person who is also a columnist on Vivement dimanche, on France 2, has agreed to honor, in his own way, Jacques Chirac, the former president of the Republic with Correze roots, who died in September 2019.
A stool, a projector and a stroke of pencil.
Managers of the establishment Brive, whose walls are covered with drawings and autographs of authors or celebrities, Francis Teyssandier and his wife had reserved a whole ceiling, specially prepared to accommodate a drawing with rather exceptional measurements.

The "Cardi", Chez Francis … The emblems of the Book Fair of Brive

Mitterrand, Chirac and Macron

It was in the evening of November 8, 2019 that Chaunu performed his caricature-tribute. We see a Jacques Chirac climbing on a ladder, joining President Francois Mitterrand on a cloud, seated in front of ortolans, a calf's head and a glass of beer.
At the foot of the ladder, figure Bernadette Chirac, as well as Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron. Caricatured in a stroller, the current head of state looks at the scene saying, "Mom, later, I'll be president!"
The execution of the drawing on the ceiling was followed and applauded by the authors present in the restaurant.
Accustomed to Chez Francis, where his signature is visible almost every corner of the wall, Chaunu had to use a stool to make his drawing in front of authors present, such as Correzien Denis Tillinac, close to Chirac, Sylvain Prudhomme, Anny Duperey … The prowess was greeted with applause.

The authors of the Brive Book Fair go to Chez Francis: "D'Ormesson answered the phone!" (Oct 2016)

Eric Porte
Photos: Stephanie Para

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