How many MLS Cups have been played and who has won it?


This afternoon, Seattle Sounders and Toronto played the 24th edition of the MLS Cup, the final of the championship of the league of soccer of the United States whose title left vacant the Atlanta United. The victory went to the 3-1 green squad, playing at home.

This is the third time that both teams collide in an MLS Cup final: In 2016, Seattle defeated Toronto, which was local in that game. For the second final, played just one year later also in Canadian territory, Toronto took revenge and was crowned by winning 2-0 to its audience.

The final encounter was somewhat surprising, since It was hoped to see in this instance the best team of the regular MLS championship, the LAFC of Carlos Vela, however, Seattle had enough to leave it on the road and access the final.

This is a count of all MLS Cup finals that have been played since 1996 until the last, including its results:

1996-1999: The golden age of DC United

October 20, 1996: LA Galaxy 2-3 D.C. United

October 26, 1997: D.C. United 2-1 Colorado Rapids

October 25, 1998: Chicago Fire 2-0 D.C. United

November 21, 1999: LA Galaxy 0-2 D.C. United

2000-2007: Chicago Fire and LA Galaxy, constant guests to the final

October 15, 2000: KC Wizards 1-0 Chicago Fire

October 21, 2001: SJ Earthquakes 2-1 LA Galaxy

October 20, 2002: LA Galaxy 1-0 NE Revolution

November 23, 2003: SJ Earthquakes 4-2 Chicago Fire

November 14, 2004: D.C. United 3-2 KC Wizards

November 13, 2005: LA Galaxy 1-0 NE Revolution

2006-2007: the first final that is repeated consecutively

November 12, 2006: Houston Dynamo 0-0 NE Revolution (Houston won 4-3 on penalties)

November 18, 2007: Houston Dynamo 2-1 NE Revolution

2008: Columbus Crew and NY Red Bulls debut in MLS Cup final

November 23, 2008: Columbus Crew 3-1 NY Red Bulls

2009: David Beckham bites the dust before Real Salt Lake

November 22, 2009: Real Salt Lake 1-1 LA Galaxy (Real Salt Lake won 5-4 on penalties)

2010: Colorado Rapids gets its first league title

November 21, 2010: FC Dallas 1-2 Colorado Rapids

2011-2012: LA Galaxy repeats double dose to Dynamo

November 20, 2011: LA Galaxy 1-0 Houston Dynamo

December 1, 2012: LA Galaxy 3-1 Houston Dynamo

2013: Kansas City achieves its first MLS crown

December 7, 2013: Sporting Kansas City 1-1 Real Salt Lake (Sporting Kansas City won 7-6 on penalties)

2014: LA Galaxy wins its fifth crown

December 7, 2014: LA Galaxy 2-1 New England Revolution

2015: Unpublished Champion

December 6, 2015: Columbus Crew SC 1-2 Portland Timbers

2016-2017: the third consecutive final in history

December 10, 2016: Toronto FC 0-0 Seattle Sounders (Seattle won 4-5 on penalties)

December 9, 2017: Toronto FC 2 – 0 Seattle Sounders FC

2018: young franchise and champion

December 8, 2018: Atlanta United 2-0 Portland Timbers

2019: Seattle keeps its second MLS Cup

2019: Toronto FC 1-3 Seattle Sounders FC


Five titles:

Los Angeles Galaxy

Four titles:

D.C. United

Two titles:

Houston Dynamo

San Jose Earthquakes

Sporting Kansas City

Seattle Sounders

A title:

Atlanta United FC

Chicago Fire

Colorado Rapids

Columbus Crew

Portland Timbers

Real salt lake

Toronto FC

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