How Real has snatched the "new Neymar" at Barca


The Brazilian Rodrygo, Just 18, shone brightly this week in the Champions League, scoring a hat-trick at the top of Real Madrid's attack in the river victory against Galatasaray (6-0). The player was initially spotted by FC Barcelona.

It is Florentino Perez's obsession to find the "new Neymar" that has allowed Real Madrid to cut the grass under the feet of his rival. In another case, moreover, the same scenario had already occurred. In 2017, the Catalan club was about to recruit Vinicius Jr from Flamengo. Real Madrid outbid and took the bet for an unreasonable investment of 45 million euros and 8 million euros in premium signing for a player who has not confirmed its potential, two years later. In 2018, Barca was in very advanced negotiations with the club of Santos for Rodrygo, through Andre Cury, the man of the technical secretariat of Barca for South America. But again, Florentino Perez has unsheathed the checkbook: 40 million euros for a player who was not yet 18 years!

45 million for Vinicius Jr, 40 million for Rodrygo

The footballer's father, Eric Batista de Goes, went so far as to call the Barcelona negotiators to apologize sincerely for breaking the verbal pact they had made. The fact remains that in both cases, Real Madrid won the bet. While there is regular mention of the possible recruitment of Kylian Mbappe next season, it seems that Casa Blanca is placing its pawns on the biggest hopes of world football. The situation of the Norwegian Erling Haland, best scorer in the Champions League, 19 years old, is to follow loan. The player is just coveted by Barca …

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