How to evaluate one's wealth to know if one is subject to the IFI?


This is the method by comparison that must be retained says Olivier Rozenfeld, President of Fifth.

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How can I estimate my assets to know if I have to pay the IFI?

Property tax (IFI) is payable by tax households whose taxable net property assets exceed the € 1,300,000 threshold. Goods must be valued at their market value at 1st January of the taxation year. This is the method by comparison that must be retained, while taking into account the specific characteristics, physical properties (quality of construction, orientation, state of obsolescence, comfort …), but also legal.

From a legal point of view, a property occupied as a principal residence on-line authorizes a legal deduction of 30%. For a second home, and therefore an occupation intermittently, this should not lead to significant discount.

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For leased goods, in general, a loss is recognized. 10% is commonly accepted for rented property and up to 40% for dwellings subject to leases of the 1948 Act imposing extremely low rents and inability to give leave to the original tenant.

Finally, a reduction of 20% can also be accepted when the taxpayer is in joint ownership. Unlike the dismemberment, which remains without effect. If a property is held by an SCI, a reduction of 10% can be retained because of the difficulties to find buyer … Last good news, the judges tell us that these haircuts are cumulative!

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