Huawei P30: The Fotowunder smartphone currently buy cheap


Earlier this year, Huawei officially unveiled the P30 series of models P30, P30 Pro and P30 lite. The EIA for the lite version is 369 euros and the P30 cost 749 euros at the market launch. For the P30 Pro required proud 999 euros.
In terms of price as well as technology, Huawei's P30 series is now at the level of the leading smartphone manufacturers. However, due to the trade dispute between China and the US, under which Huawei has suffered particularly, the prices for the smartphones in a very short time have fallen massively. Huawei's P30 series is the manufacturer's last smartphone generation, which will go on sale with the Android operating system and Google Services. Whether Huawei's current phones may keep the Android license even after the expiry of the embargo on November 19, or only new models are affected by the trade dispute, is still open. Which dealer offers the Huawei mobile phones the cheapest, read in the next section.

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