"I am not satisfied with the point"


Malaga, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Malaga coach Victor Sanchez del Amo said Sunday after a goalless draw against Fuenlabrada on the fifteenth day of the SmartBank League, which is not satisfied with the point ".

Victor Sanchez, at a press conference, said about the match that they have not been "able to score and that is the aspect of the game" that is "penalizing them", and stressed that they must "continue working", although "we have created occasions. "

"Adding is always positive and the team continues in a positive line, he admitted.

Fuenlabrada coach Mere Hermoso praised his team's attitude for a zero draw. "We knew that we were going to find a rival with a lot of energy for his classification in the table and what he has behind", but that they have "had to work hard in defense."

Mere Hermoso said that in La Rosaleda "only Cadiz has won" and the Malaga team added that "he squeezes a lot on the defensive and has many arguments with the ball", although he stressed: "We understood that we should defend some more like Hicham or Antonin. " EFE

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