"I support the right to decide, but I have never said it was independence"



The defender of FC Barcelona Gerard Pique recalled that although he strongly supports the right to decide in Catalonia and that the sentence of 'proces' has seemed "very hard", "he has never" said he was an independentist, and said that "It should have been the politicians who did their job" to solve the situation.

"I always try to be very clear. I have always strongly supported the right to decide and I have never hidden it. I have never said that I was an independentist. People, when they are going to vote, do so in secret and do not have to say whether it is or not. it is. Why do players force us to position ourselves? I can advocate or defend the right to decide how I have also defended the national team for 13-14 years; I have defended both without any problems, "he said in an interview in The Weekly Country published this Sunday.

In this regard, he said that sometimes it is frowned upon that certain athletes express their opinion. "They only let athletes get wet when they say what you think. Players have very large speakers, but we have the same right to be citizens as anyone who is walking on the street," he said.

In addition, he recalled that sport and politics "hand in hand always." "The Copa del Rey is called del Rey, when you play an international game the anthems sound, and that is political. That athletes cannot get wet? Host! We have the same right to be citizens as anyone," he said.

The Barca center did not avoid assessing the 'proces' sentence. "I found the sentence very hard. Everyone will have their opinion: some that are lazy, others that are strong and others that are fine. But we shouldn't have reached this point, it should have been the politicians who did their job." , said.

"They have not complied, although some are in jail and others are not. Defending with arguments cannot be bad; you are two months or three locked in a room until you reach an agreement. Those of the national team have talked a thousand times about politics, but then we went out to the field to play, "he added.

In another order of things, he did not hide that he likes to generate controversy. "I have a good time, I have to find incentives, there are times that I look for a motivation and when I win in opposing fields they ask for you even more. I know when I am going to roll it up and I do it because I feel like it. I consider it part of the show, more when we see that often, almost everything is a lie. In the end, after two days nobody remembers what you have said. Get out there, you can let go of a falsehood and it doesn't matter, "he said.

"My mother is the one who gets me the most when I get into a 'scrub', next to my father. Also my representative, especially when I started, had me half an hour on the phone. Now I get into a 'scrub' and now nobody calls me, neither my mother nor my father, it is already natural, "he joked.

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