Icardi makes Cavani forget, Amber Godillon is cash


Often looking for a center-forward complement in recent seasons, Paris Saint-Germain has finally found the successor to Edinson Cavani.

At the end of the contract in June, the Matador is clearly on the decline. At the age of 32, the Uruguayan international is held back by injuries. Author of two small achievements at the beginning of the season, Cavani was overtaken by Mauro Icardi. In Ligue 1, the Argentine scored five times in 84 balls hit, one goal every 17 balloons, which is the best European ratio this season. Decisive in seven of his last eight games, including four times in the Champions League, the former Inter Milan already puts everyone in agreement with PSG, as explained by Ambre Godillon.

"Icardi seems to embody the present of the PSG"

"Since his arrival this summer at PSG, Mauro Icardi has cultivated formidable efficiency, much to the chagrin of his competitor, Edinson Cavani. He knew nothing of Ligue 1, landed in the French capital on the last day of the transfer window, without having played for several months, became persona non grata on the side of Inter Milan. On paper, so it was a nice bet to debauch Mauro Icardi. It is clear that the Argentine has already confirmed that he could export without chipping his visceral love of purpose. Only a few months after his arrival, El Nino has offered himself a new status within the attack Ile. Goal succeeded: shine in the middle of Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappe … And come tickle the aura of Cavani, top scorer in the history of the club. This Saturday night, the picture was terrible. To see the Matador, idol of a whole capital, to go out without radiating after 80 minutes, is one thing. See Mauro Icardi enter in his place and be enough 5 minutes to shake the nets and reverse the score, it is another. Sometimes the symbolism is cruel. And the executioner shines only by the unfortunate circumstances of his collateral victim. Without insulting the future, without denying the past, Icardi seems to embody more than ever the present of the PSG. One thing is certain, nothing will be more difficult for Edinson Cavani than to catch Mauro Icardi in this frantic race », said the journalist Yahoo, for whom the love affair between Cavani and PSG will inevitably end badly at the end of this season 2019-2020 …

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