Ice hockey: Ligue Magnus – Division 1: 9th day: Mont Blanc vs Montpellier – The Ytis sen go out!


Deprived of many elements, including in the net and in defense, the premises recorded the presence of their former goalkeeper Lucas Mugnier, now Cerberus Morzine Penguins, and the presence of defender Pioneers Jeremie Penz license blue. The game was announced between two teams of players who expected to remain on the overall results very positive.

Individual error exploitedMont-Blanc starts well and tries to take possession of the territory. Masson gets the first clear opportunity on a cage ride where the porter from Montpellier had granted an exit, leaving an open net. The Vipers, at no cost, in turn get a numerical superiority at the beginning of the game. Situation that they will make fruit on a goal cap. On a commitment outing, Penz loses his support and stumbles, Raibon grabbed the disc and beat Mugnier from the back in the skylight, 0-1 to 6'45 (5-4).

Photo Hockey League Magnus - Division 1: 9
A. July
Elie Raibon takes advantage of an error to open the scoring

Joly responds with a tac-o-tac at the opening of the score, but the disc flees the left side window. Mont-Blanc regains possession and then presents himself more and more often in a good position, like a 3 on 1 where Roberts chose the wrong option and missed the equalizer, just like Coulon, yet in a good position. shot but saw Dvorak block his throw from the enclave. The following powerplay situation is to the credit of Guimard's men, who get good chances in the exercise, but remain at the score. The locals dominate but will not convert this opportunity, or those that will follow in a new game of high-Savoyard power. The situation is reversed. Montpellier 5 against 4, gets the exit commitment, but is countered. Visitors are now more threatening, but still expose themselves to quick countermeasures. Dvorak deprives Chauviere of a certain goal on boxplay, well served by Ares. Both teams return to the locker room on this score of 1 goal to 0 in favor of the players of the paillade.

Yetis with forceps

Mont Blanc kills the penalty early in the twenty. The teams are full, when Tierney gets on the counter following the release from prison, passing close to register the tying goal. Dvorak and his defense are doing well, and the goalkeeper looks good on the action that follows, repelling an assault led by Bicha. Opportunities are multiplying in the beginning of the second period for the Montblanais, who get two sets of close powers. The first is unproductive, despite some good situations like Coulon, the second also sees dangerous situations compose it, but Leger, and later Bicha, do not set the test. The Yetis feel the danger rise again a notch after the mid-match following a new power play in their possession. Mont Blanc makes the effort, but the reward does not come. Montpellier takes confidence, but is sanctioned by Mr. Popa and his assistants. Vepsalainen infiltrates and forces the Montpellier to a new punishment. A 5 against 3, the puck turns in offensive zone, but the throws are too few and menacing. On release from prison to 5 against 4, Yetis finally unlock the meter after a slew of clear opportunities in this second act. Roberts from the left, served by Ares, just equalize in a difficult corner, 1-1 at 31'59 (5-4).

Photo Hockey League Magnus - Division 1: 9
A. July
Despite a decisive Dvorak, Montpellier cde

The momentum remains very high-Savoyard in the minutes following this equalization Yeti. The opportunities are clear and numerous in mountain offensive territory, but the fishing finish in the image of an excellent solitary raid of Bicha, who saw Dvorak win the ultimate defense, despite an uncomfortable position. The two teams split on the score of 1 goal after two periods of play. An end of period marked by a new indiscipline Yeti. The striker Roberts joins the rebellious bench and leaves his 4 to 5 for the last pair of minutes of the period in a meeting more confused than usual local side. Locals who could have forced the decision at the heart of repeated highs in this act II.

Mont Blanc holds up

The beginning of 3th is good for Mont Blanc. The formation of Julien Guimard obtains a superiority over a minor bench penalty inflicted on southerners. In the exercise, Vepsalainen removed the spider's web from Dvorak's right-hand skylight and Mont-Blanc took the lead for the first time in this match, 2-1 at 41'16. Mont-Blanc gets a new chance in superiority, and makes it grow to widen the gap. Roberts, in two strokes, and volley on a rebound, breake, 3-1 at 43'47.

Photo Hockey League Magnus - Division 1: 9
A. July
Roberts hits the target in two stages

Montpellier does not allow the doubt to settle and reassemble in the next minute. Served half-ice by a good shift of the ex-Morzine Filip Martinec, the locals abandon the third man, Elie Raibon goes to challenge Maxime Bataille, left totally alone and found the flaw between the boots of Lucas Mugnier, 3 -2 to 45'14. The game is animated as announced the last ten of this last act. Bicha, perfectly served by Joly escapes, but the Czech pushes his puck too much on the feint. Situations go from one goal to another. Mont-Blanc receives a penalty against Gouttry who gleaned the passage, his first tenure with the pros. The young hope is taken up by the patrol for creeping. Warning free of charge and end of the game thrilling for locals who despite some pucks in good positions, struggling to kill this clash. The minutes are shattered as the specter of the famous last minute approaches, often fatal to Montblanc advances in recent weeks. Yet the Yetis hold on. Mugnier made a decisive stoppage on Forsberg 50 seconds from the end, then relapsed a few seconds later on a long distance shot. This time, the mountaineers hold and pocket 3 difficult but important points in the classification of the D1.

Victory of HC Mont-Blanc 3 goals to 2 against the Vipers of Montpellier. At the end of a long meeting to designate his winner and technically less accomplished than the previous mountain outings, Guimard players win at the end of suspense. Despite many absences in their defensive lines, the players of Saint-Gervais / Megeve register 3 new units in this championship of France D1 and confirm their 4th place in the ranking. With 7 points, Montpellier is 13th. The next meetings of the two teams will be in Marseille for HC Mont-Blanc, while Montpellier will host the leader, Cergy-Pontoise.

Photo Hockey League Magnus - Division 1: 9
A. July
Mont Blanc can blow and pockets 3 points

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