Icy temperatures expected next week


Winter is getting closer, get out covered. While the passage of the storm Amelie disrupted a very large part of the Hexagon at the beginning of November, it is now freezing cold that should settle in the country in the coming days. Meteo France specifies that unusual temperatures for this period of the year will be present on the thermometer from the middle of the week, from this Wednesday 13 November.

This cold snap can be explained by a cold and humid north wind that will generate a lot of rain, wind and snow at medium altitude but also in plain. By publishing its temperature map, Meteo France shows the state of the forecasts for the afternoon of this Wednesday when the thermometer will display six degrees on average, and two degrees at least in Savoie.

The weather forecast for Meteo France for Wednesday 13 November
The weather forecast for Meteo France for Wednesday 13 November
Credit: Meteo France

This trend is about to last and even get worse at the end of the week. In several regions, between Thursday and Saturday, the temperatures will be similar to that of a month of January, which is usually the coldest month of the year.

Thus, throughout the week, minimum temperatures will be included between -2 and 7 ° degrees from north to south, and up to 10 degrees from the Mediterranean. "Impressive amounts of snow" are also expected in the Pyrenees and the Alps from 1000 meters above sea level, says his side The Weather Channel.

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