'Iglesias, a resistant willing to govern'


Pablo Iglesias resists And it is clear that whoever resists wins, as he warned Camilo Jose Cela. Today you can sell at least two successes: the first one, which of the eloquent loneliness in the television debate it has remained an alternative for the left and a necessary partner of a socialist government; and the second, that the Outcome allows you to forget about the breakup of Ínigo Errejon With a solid electoral ground.

Iglesias, who did not hesitate to buy a villa in Galapagar, after all, was born bourgeois, like Marx, and has been a lifetime, he has shown himself superior to Sanchez and Errejon; the one because he lacks modesty and the other because he did not stop suffering envy for him leadership of the Iglesias-Montero couple. Although denounce the supposed pact of PSOE and PP has not given the expected result, with the strength of its 26 deputies, United We Can it aspires with more legitimacy, if possible, than before to be part of a coalition government. Nothing that removes sleep, as seen in seven autonomous communities and thousands of municipalities. Pablo Iglesias, the most read and written of the president candidates of the Government, and the one who with more dignity and right can use that of "doctor professor", tends the hand to Pedro Sanchez with a program based on social justice and the Constitution, and with the support of the people who guarantee the future in a stage with bipartisanship buried in Mingorubium.

Icon of the progressive citizen malaise and those who have suffered the economic crisis, the leader of Podemos leaves today willing to reach a government agreement that articulates to the left and brakes to the extreme right. If not, perhaps, after a prolonged insomnia of Sanchez, let's go to third parties elections. And in the end, as many socialists believe, the error of Pablo Iglesias, perhaps, has been non-military in the PSOE, as the founding namesake.

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